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Have a chance?


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They are better than they were last year.


Even though we lost Pudge-we have Castro and Redmond to take his job..


And we have a lot of young players that will do better this next year...


We have a lot of young players that are learning a lot...and tht are trying very hard like Juan Pierre...He works very hard so he is going to get better-and IMO he is going to steal a lot more bases this year and he is going to lead the MLB again...Josh B. will play better...I expect him to pitch like he did in the WS and I expect him to carry all that confidence with him also...And last year we didn't have AJ but this year we will have AJ so that is another reason why we will be better this next year...and Choi will be good also...he wont be as good as Lee was on defense but he will have good defense...and he will be pretty good at the plate...Castro has been playing great so I'm not worried about the loss of Pudge...and IMO Redmond is better than Castro but Redmond just plays to hard to play everyday...but he will play everytime we play against a lefty...Our plan is also much simpler this way...We know who to start now whenever we face a lefty...=Redmond-now that we dont have Pudge...and Pudge wanted to much money so we couldn't have kept him anyways...and last year he had a bad year and he is getting old...why should we think that he will get better?...He is old...


If you put all the factors together you will see that the Marlins are better than they were last year.


So they have a chance at winning the WS this next year...we just have to play like a team like we did last year...a lot of teams have a lot of good players but they dont go anywhere because they dont know how to use it...so if we use it good like we did last year than we should be a very good team despite the low amount of respect that teams give us...



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this is retarded


its a freakin Marlins site, of course we have a chance

well just cuz it is a marlin site dosen't mean we all think that the marlins are gonna win it.

The whole point of the thread is to say hey do we have a shot at the title. I know what the point of the thread is...


It's just easy to see that everyone thinks they have a chance.

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I think we hv a very solid chance....it can be unlikely of course, due to the fact that the phillies, yanks, boston, cubs and even stros have very strong teams as well, but we do hv a solid chance.


I suppose alot depends on our unknown factors.....


Choi factor---( will he learn to fend off inside heat ? )

Willis factor---- ( Will he give us 12-15 wins? )

Caberra factor----( Is he rdy for the big leagues for a full season )

Castro factor----- ( Can he play in the Majors as a starter .. Big IF )

Alex Gonzalez ---- ( Can YOU PLS give me some hits with runners on Base )



So...can we do it again...Sure...but if i was a betting man I'd say we have between a 15% - 20% chance.

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THe Marlins Are my favorite team, but its going to be hard. The phillies will be on top, with the marlins in 2nd place. If we go to the Wild Card we have to face the Cubs again for sure and cardinals. We might have a chance but i doubt it.


Just lost a good pitcher (Urbina) who never used to fail much and brought in a very good closer with very bad numbers last season. Now we bring in a japanese guy in his 2nd MLB year playing first base for us. We lossed a very big run producer which is Pudge and Lee. Pudge,Lee>Choi? No

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Yes, they have a chance. On paper, they're the 2nd-best team in the NL East, and the difference between them and the Phillies isn't really that great. They have a very good chance of going to the playoffs again. Once they're in, what happens next is anyone's guess. This team isn't as good as last year's team, but it's good enough.

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Yes they do have a chance.


The NL East has only one good team now, thats the phillies. We can make it as a Wild Card team. I have the confidence, but our Bullpen needs to be good. We wouldnt of been in the world series if it wasnt for our pitching. Benitez and Fox need to keep us in the games and not blow much saves.

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Yes. Pitching is the key. The talent is there. Will Burnett be okay? Will we see the Beckett we saw in the playoffs for the whole season this year? Will Willis have a sophomore slump? The bullpen? On paper, it looks very, very good.


I'd be happy with the wild card again. Seems to bring us good luck every October.


I'm very excited about the season. It also feels a lot better this time than in 1998.

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