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  1. That's surprising. In Miami they now have this sort of chamber that supposedly detects explosive material and they have people go through it one by one, I didn't think you could sneak explosives by there.
  2. Robert Alfred could be short for Roberto Alfredo. It could be, but I e-mailed him back in italian with not so kind words and he replied in english asking for my address again.
  3. Take a shot everytime you crave a cigarette...next thing you know you'll be passed out in some bushes.
  4. I think he just wants his name and address so he can steal his identity or something. I have an add on Craigslist for tutoring and I got an e-mail from some random guy basically asking for my address talking about wiring me money frm Western Union to tutor his son from Italy for a month. Too bad I'm Italian and his name was 'Robert Alfred'
  5. Black people use y'all.
  6. I guess I wasn't lucky enough to have a matching last name...
  7. OldSand


    There go my chances of getting laid...again. siiiiiiiiiiiiiiiigh
  8. I was referring to the Cutler Ridge area...hell even Pinecrest. So 'oye brode' = Hialeah? Arguments make me want to smoke.
  9. Never been to Miami, have you? We are not part of the South and we most definitely do not associate ourselves with that loser rag called the Confederate flag. There are neighborhoods in the greater Miami area that are still comprised of a majority of white Americans and "y'all" is most definitely used. Down by your parts I'd be shocked to hear anything but 'oye brode'.
  10. Sunday, Oct. 21 Arizona at Washington 1:00 pm Atlanta at New Orleans 1:00 pm Baltimore at Buffalo 1:00 pm New England at Miami 1:00 pm San Francisco at N.Y. Giants 1:00 pm Tampa Bay at Detroit 1:00 pm Tennessee at Houston 1:00 pm Kansas City at Oakland 4:05 pm N.Y. Jets at Cincinnati 4:05 pm Chicago at Philadelphia 4:15 pm Minnesota at Dallas 4:15 pm St. Louis at Seattle 4:15 pm Pittsburgh at Denver 8:15 pm Monday, Oct. 22 Indianapolis at Jacksonville 8:30 pm 10-4
  11. This Week's Games: Texas Tech @ Missouri California @ UCLA Virginia @ Maryland Miami @ Florida State Tennessee @ Alabama Kansas @ Colorado Ohio State @ Michigan State Michigan @ Illinois Auburn @ LSU Game Of The Week: Florida @ Kentucky
  12. I think that the number is 99.9% of all species ever to exist have gone extinct. This happened regardless of human behavior in the past.
  13. Quit thanks to my ex, though I recently got back into the occasional smoke. Not going to make a habit out of it, I don't like how lazy it makes me feel at times. Used to smoke ALOT last year in high school and first couple college years. Glad I quit though, I'm not social at all when I'm high.
  14. Get a nagging/hostile girlfriend. QFT My ex made me quit nearly everything...God that bitch could nag. Chug a glass of ice cold water any time you feel like smoking.
  15. So are trying to excuse bad behavior by citing more bad behavior? Obviously the guy who's considered one of the greatest ever, and who broke perhaps the most cherished record in professional sports is going to get the most attention. Of course having a guy like Bonds in the same lineup as Hanley and Cabrera is drool-inducing , but I cannot find it in me to cheer for someone, who in my opinion, has made a mockery of the game. Did Babe Ruth make a mockery of the game by setting records against only the best white athletes? Did Hank Aaron make a mockery of the game by playing in an era when, by many reports, a great majority of players got through the season with the help of greenies or amphetamines? Did Ty Cobb make a mockery of he game when he stabbed a black dude for being "uppity" (look it up, it happened). Bonds is a product of the era he plays in, which is the steroid or juiced era. I hate when people judge him against Aaron and then say he "cheated" his way to the record. You have to judge him against the people he played in. It's a different game now, and he's dominated this game like no other. Say what you will about him, but he was by far the best offensive player during a period when offense was at an all time high. He still would've been the best player of he played in a 600 run per year environment as a 900 run per year environment. Why? Because he was the best player. Period. And he still is one of the best. And Jimmy, it would be great if we could improve our pitching and defense without hurting our strength. But we won't be able to. The only way we get more pitching is if we trade for it from our position players, since pitching in FA is way overpriced. Do you really want to remove Uggla, Hanley, Miguel, Jeremy, or Willingham for a defensive minded player? I'd rather add to a strength than take from a strength and add to a weakness. of course we can improve our pitching and defense and without hurting our offense very much...personally...i love willy, i love what he brings to the table, that said...he is probably the least valuable of the particular players you mentioned...and if we didnt float his name out there to see what we could get...we would be idiots...and again...adding to a strength so that your weaker everywhere else is not the way to cover up inabilities...and i agree...FA pitching is overpriced...especially for us...but i bet there are oodles of guys out there who are fringe major leaguers who cant keep the ball in the ballpark in places like cincy, texas, philly, etc. where their own value to their organization is low and these guys could be had for very cheap...not saying we need a roster overhaul here...but some tinkering is def needed to improve where we lack So you are saying we should go out and sign scrub pitchers? This improves our pitching how?
  16. Cocaine burns holes in your brain, making it look like swiss cheese.
  17. How do you search for a user on photobucket? I don't want to search by image or album, just go directly to the user page. Any ideas?
  18. Never gets old: http://www.thebestpageintheuniverse.net/c.cgi?u=bomb_iran
  19. Sunday, Oct. 14 Cincinnati at Kansas City 1:00 pm Houston at Jacksonville 1:00 pm Miami at Cleveland 1:00 pm Minnesota at Chicago 1:00 pm Philadelphia at N.Y. Jets 1:00 pm St. Louis at Baltimore 1:00 pm Tennessee at Tampa Bay 1:00 pm Washington at Green Bay 1:00 pm Carolina at Arizona 4:05 pm New England at Dallas 4:15 pm Oakland at San Diego 4:15 pm New Orleans at Seattle 8:15 pm Monday, Oct. 15 N.Y. Giants at Atlanta 8:30 pm
  20. This Week's Games: Purdue @ Michigan LSU @ Kentucky Wisconsin @ Penn State Auburn @ Arkansas Oregon State @ California Georgia @ Vanderbilt South Carolina @ North Carolina Connecticut @ Virginia Texas A&M @ Texas Tech Game Of The Week: Missouri @ Oklahoma
  21. "I'm Jim Brosser, and I took this flag down in honor of my country with a knife from the United States Army. I'm a veteran. I'm not gonna see this done to my country. If they wanna fight us then they need to be men and they need to come and fight us. But I want someone to FIGHT me for this flag. They're not gonna get it back." :notworthy This is almost better than the Braveheart speech.
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