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  1. Five low-cost starters to target

    Can't see them pushing Villar to the bench before opening day, and they are in pretty good shape with Anderson/Davies/Chacin/Woodruff and can get by with Suter/Gallardo as their 5 while they see how fast Nelson gets healthy. They seem like a team that is going to shop in June. Just saying. Castro may be real tough to move before the season. No one needs a 2B, and Neil Walker is just sitting out there right now too.
  2. They can trade for pool money elsewhere if needed, or just sign him when the new international season starts this summer. We can criticize them for a lot of things, but I don't think it is this one. Hopefully they land this guy. He's exactly what the system needs.
  3. Five low-cost starters to target

    Yea but that also doesn't mean anything. If I were the Marlins, I would be tight lipped short term about shipping out other guys based on the fan reaction and Yelich/Realmuto/Castro mouthing off. Castro I think would be the only difficult one to move. Straily and Bour are cheap and can go fast. Ziegler, Tazawa, and Prado are probably so cheap in prospects they would go fast if the Marlins eat 30-50% of their salary (which I think is reasonable for them to eat). Castro may be a little difficult based on a lot of contending teams not necessarily needing a 2B. Hell I just looked at the standings from last year, and I have no idea where Castro can go. The best fit might be the team that just traded him and that's not going to happen. Milwaukee could use him, but then Villar is pushed to the bench and I suspect they will give him a shot. They may have to keep him until the deadline when a need arises elsewhere.
  4. Five low-cost starters to target

    Exactly. Trade out what you have under contract (Bour, Straily, Castro, Prado, Ziegler, Tazawa) for prospects. Sign reclamation projects, and trade them out for more prospects in July.
  5. Five low-cost starters to target

    Yep. Sign one of them and go in Urena, Conley, Peters, Free agent, and Despaigne/C. Smith/Nicolino/warm body. Alcantara, Niedert, Gallen, and others up in June/July/August as ready/when needed. Hopefully a healthy Chen makes an appearance at some point, and they get another potential SP option moving Straily/Bour/Castro/others. It's not pretty, but who cares. Play the kids.
  6. Joel Sherman suggests trade for Tomas

    That trade really sucks. Prado is probably better as is, let alone Ziegler is going to be competent. That's a no brainer for the D-Backs. There will be easily better trades for those guys. If you're just going to throw away money, at least get prospects and not a guy with a negative career WAR in 300 games making $40 million.
  7. Why has Derek Jeter received so much hate?

    2011 - Springer(1) 2012 - Correa(1), McCulllers (1s) 2013 - Nothing 2014 - D. Fischer (1s), AJ Reed (2). J. Davis (3) 2015 - Bregman(1), K. Tucker (1), D. Cameron (1s) They got a superstar SS, three very good players, and potentially another guy or two breaks out, likely K. Tucker. This is hitting on 4-6 guys in 5 drafts, although they are super super high end. This is why it's a top to bottom situation. Altuve was an international free agent, they got Devenski, Peacock, W. Harris, Musgrove, Marwin, and others in super cheap trades. They did well moving Folty (Gattis), Velasquez (Giles), Cossart (Marisnick, and Moran who helped turned into G. Cole), Abreu/Guzman (McCann) in larger trades. The previous regime hit the lottery with a 2009 7th round pick who is a Cy Young calibre pitcher. Morton, Reddick, Gurriel, etc. all worked out in free agency. Verlander was amazing. It's just top to bottom domination where everything contributed to their success. It's not just the draft even if they got 4-5 key players from 2011-2015. This is why the Marlins really need to max out Straily/Bour/Castro/Barraclough/Prado/Ziegler/Dietrich/whoever. The Astros equivalent of those guys brought them players like Devenski, Peacock, Musgrove, Gattis, Giles, etc. Not their super core players, but that's a strong supporting cast that was developed trading the Jed Lowries and JA Happs of the world.
  8. Why has Derek Jeter received so much hate?

    Yea, of course. We're on the same page here. I'm full on Philadelphia 76ersing this situation - except the Marlins have an advantage where they actually have two good young pieces with Yelich and Realmuto which they can hold onto for 1-1.5 years before making a decision on trading them to see if they did strike gold acquiring Guzman/Alcantara/Neidert/Sierra/Rogers/etc.
  9. Why has Derek Jeter received so much hate?

    To be fair Springer was 11th, even if the other guys were top 2. The Marlins last 6 primary picks are: Heaney-9 overall Moran-6 Kolek-2 Naylor-12 Garret-7 Rogers-12 Garret, Rogers, and Kolek may still turn into something, but that is a a lot of draft capital and not much to show at the moment. Heaney did turn into a few good Dee years and I suppose Neidert, but Moran and Naylor are simply wasted high value picks they didn't even get any real value for in trades. Kolek has been a downright disaster and probably one of the worst top picks in the last few decades. I don't think the win/loss matters for where they pick in the draft. Those are high enough picks where you should have something. Astros did mess up two of their four first or second overall picks (Appel, Aiken) so while they hit big on Correa and Bregman, it's still not a guarantee no matter where you draft. Just saying. A lot more went into the Astros besides tanking for picks. Top to bottom drafting, use of international free agency money, smart trades to drum up some value, key free agent acquisitions. Across the board operational improvements. This is why the Marlins need to continue clearing house, get more prospects, keep Yelich and Realmuto, and see what October 2018 looks like. They could get another 15+ guys trading out the remainder of the team between now and July 31st, and that's adding literally 30+ players from when Phelps/Ramos first got traded. Who knows what they will have when all is said and done.
  10. Ziegler says he won't request a trade

    eh, it is also a bit different as Yelich has 5 years, and Realmuto 3 to go. Ziegler knows he is going to be traded in June/July if he pitches even half decent. This is all stupid either way.
  11. That is definitely stupid with Straily. However, I suspect they don't expect him on the 2018 team at all so he may get shipped before they have to deal with this. Catcher's don't accrue as many counting stats as other players so there are probably low-end statistical comps for $2.9, however, that is still a perplexing number because JT's overall production is the kind of guy who pushes boundaries. I mean he is rather unarguably top 5 at his position for 2 years. I think they will lose this one. Even just looking at those numbers psychologically, how do you ever win an arbitration case at $2.9? Just go to 3. Make it a normal number. Hopefully they just expect to sign him longterm here. I think they'll win on Bour though. He's missed a lot of games.
  12. Starlin Castro Trade Rumors and Updates

    Straily's arbitration tenders will make him around 3/$20 type of player if he performs well. Tyler Chatwood just got 3/$38. There is certainly some value there. I think they would get something like the Dee Gordon deal, probably a little better as Gordon is way more expensive and getting older. That's probably a good deal for the Marlins. We'll see what happens.
  13. Can the marlins turn the rebuild into a top5 farm?

    Keep Yelich and sign Realmuto for 5. Trade Bour, Straily, Castro, Prado, Ziegler, and Tazawa now. Sign a veteran 1B/3B (Danny Valencia/Mark Reynolds type), veteran 2B/SS/3B type (Alcides Escobar/Jose Reyes, hell maybe keep Prado), and veteran innings eater reclamation project (Jeremy Hellickson/Chris Tillman) Hit waivers hard the entire year and see if you can pluck the next Cody Ross for $1 Start the year: Realmuto, Veteran 1B, Veteran 2B, Rojas, Anderson, Dietrich, Yelich, Cooper/VanSlyke B-Cooper/Van Slyke, Riddle, Telis/Wallach battle winner, camp battle last bench spot w/ whoever Urena, Conley, Veteran Innings Eater, D. Peters, C.Smith/Nicolino/Despaigne (Sit Chen, let him fully recover) Pen- Barraclough, Steckenrider, Garcia, Wittgren, Smith/Nicolino, and camp battle the rest, probably O'Grady, E. Hernandez, Despaigne/Jumbo/Guerra. Doesn't matter who Assuming he is playing well, call up Sierra in mid may when his service time rolls over and they get his extra year of control July, trade Barraclough, Dietrich, Urena, Conley, Rojas, and any other veteran free agent signing you can move for BPA Call up the farm in August (Alcantara, Gallen, Brigham, B. Lee, whoever else is ready from what they have and the above trades, etc.) See what you have at the end of the year and how all the young pitchers developed. If things look bleek, trade Yelich and Realmuto and see ya in 2023.
  14. MLBTR arbitration projections way off. Realmuto requested $3.5, Marlins $2.9. (Projection was $4.2). This looks like a slam fucking dunk for Realmuto to me. Two 3.5 WAR seasons? Good luck Marlins. Sign the dude for 5.
  15. Part V: How Project Wolverine Can Work

    The biggest thing here is that I don't necessarily disagree with most of this. Which begs the question why are you so angry? It really seems to you and many marlins fans anything less than perfect is unacceptable. I think the problem is everyone was expecting an immediate turn around once Loria was gone because everyone was psychologically ready for him to be out of here. A perfect turnaround was never going to happen with anyone. No owner was going to swoop in and be the Dodgers. If it wasn't bitching about Alcantara or Guzman, it would be something else. Loria left the team a mess and it's going to take more than 3 months to turnaround the business and the team. They absolutely need to be honest about the rebuild. I have mentioned this multiple times that the PR around this is ridiculous, and while you have to give some credit to Jeter for the town hall which wasn't exactly friendly, that was generally handled poorly. They do need to come out and give an idea of what is going on to the average fan. However, they still need to trade out a half dozen guys. Maybe the first offseason moves make more sense once we see what they do with the rest of the moves? Get a few more Neiderts, Sierras, and Andersons for Bour/Straily/Castro, save some bucks with Prado/Ziegler/Tazawa, sign a few 1 year reclamation projects, and have a chat about the future. This is why I keep saying sign Realmuto for 5. It's not just a smart baseball decision, it is your talking point and a loud statement that there is a longterm plan and you expect to be good during Realmuto's contract. If it makes me a fanboy to give them until opening day to see what the 2018 team looks like, and at least until September to see what their trade returns look like, so be it. I think we have incomplete information right now and I just think it is wise to let things play its course. Also to note smaller points, I agree completely the attendance expectations are LOL, but I think this goes back to Miami is a winner's town. They need to win to get attendance and that's not happening until they get pitching. Criticize the trade returns, but pitching has highlighted every trade they have made since Ramos/Phelps. As to starting the franchise in a worse way, I think trading Yelich and Realmuto sets the bar lower. That is a clear as day "we give up until 2023" type of move. Loria left the place a wreck, but there are really no excuses to not try and field a really competent team in 2020. They might have the pieces to do it, and will have plenty of free agency money to help if those payrolls are to be believed.