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  1. MarlinsLou

    Brinson makes opening day roster

  2. MarlinsLou

    Conley, Peters, Garcia among cuts

    Ozuna was offered an extension and turned it down, no guarantee they take it. Gotta preserve the year.
  3. MarlinsLou

    Conley, Peters, Garcia among cuts

    Braves sent down Acuna today. Marlins need to stop being idiots, plain and simple.
  4. MarlinsLou

    Conley, Peters, Garcia among cuts

    I think you're missing the point. Being a Super 2 is irrelevant. Having another year of control is what matters. If you call him up May 8th (give or take a day), he will end the season with under 1 year of service time. It'll be about .171 days of service time (172 being a full year. League calendar year is 182 days, so they build in a freebie 10 days there). End of 2018, .171 days End of 2019, 1.171 days End of 2020, 2.171 days, Arb 1 as a Super 2 for 2021 End of 2021- 3.171, Arb 2 End of 2022 - 4.171, Arb 3 End of 2023 - 5.171. This is what is being argued. He does not have 6 years of service time. You have control for 2024 as he is under 6 years, and he gets a 4th year of arbitration year. End of 2024 - 6.171 - Free Agency Yes, this is literally how you are reading this - he is not a free agent by 1 day. If you're wondering, Kris Bryant has 2.171 days of service time right now. Cubs did this exact plan with him. If Brinson is up before May 8th, give or take, he gets to 6 years by the end of 2023 and you don't get him in 2024. I agree, it would be ridiculous to keep him down until July to avoid being a Super 2, but these next 6 weeks dictate if you get him in 2024 or not. It's a big deal. This concept also applies to Anderson, Peters, Alcantara, J. Garcia, and Conley, but is most important with Brinson as the # 1 asset in the organization at this time.
  5. MarlinsLou

    Fangraphs Top 29 for the Marlins

    A few position player starters, some with big upside, a stellar future bullpen, and skeptical SP. Sounds about right. Practically, if the lineup in 2020 has Brinson, Harrison, Sierra, Anderson, and Diaz in it, with B. Lee, Riddle, and Cooper on the bench, god willingly Alcantara as a 2/3 SP, they get three more 3/4/5 types out of Urena, Neidert, D. Peters, J. Garcia, Ca. Smith, and pick your favorite lesser SP fringe prospect, and get the radical bullpen of say Guzman, Steckenrider, Wittgren, Gallen, Yamamoto, etc., they are going to be in really good shape. Also important to note Realmuto, Bour, Castro, Prado, Dietrich, Maybin, Straily, Ziegler, and Barraclough are going to turn into at least 1 awesome, 4-6 decent, and 6+ lottery tickets to add to the list. They really need to keep hammering getting up the middle players (C, 2B, SS) and SP and all should work out (on paper).
  6. MarlinsLou

    Conley, Peters, Garcia among cuts

    Despaigne looks pretty good, and this is starting to feel to me Ca. Smith gets the # 4 spot because of his Yankees pedigree (and getting a lefty look in rotation). That's fine. The team needs a 5th starter about 5 times until May 15th. I think they should go with a 4 man rotation and have 5 built in bullpen days. They can easily figure that out, especially because you can option up and down someone. Straily, Urena, Despaigne, Ca. Smith (Chen DL) Ziegler, Barraclough, Steckenrider (Wittgren DL) O'Grady, Tazawa, J. Turner, E. Hernandez, Nicolino, and pick a guy on the 40 man, let's go with T. Guerrero. Best case scenario is still signing a veteran innings eater (Hellickson?), pushing Ca. Smith to the bullpen, and Smith/O'Grady are guys with an option left if they need a fresh arm (Peters, Conley, Garcia) to call up and down, or just start the DFA's with Nicolino if he doesn't figure it out.
  7. MarlinsLou

    Dimelo, Miami

    Didn't click, is there a place I can get on a soapbox about service time
  8. MarlinsLou

    Predict the Opening Day 25-Man Roster

    They have said Garcia is going to start this entire year whether it is AAA or MLB. They are converting O'Grady to a reliever (which is a smart move). Practically, they are not in competition for a spot. I think this projection is more of an indication that Garcia should get some AAA innings to stretch himself out before rejoining the team. I agree with that, and I don't think it is a knock on Garcia. He's going to pitch more innings than O'Grady and Nicolino this year when all is said and done. As for Nicolino, he is just out of options so why not try him for 6-8 weeks before you call someone up to replace him. If the shellings continue, he will be gone. Really no harm there and seeing if he finally figures it out before replacing him with Peters or whoever. The problem is blowing a year of service time on Brinson, Alcantara, and Anderson. That makes -0- sense and is embarrassing.
  9. Oh my gawd, so we're now trading just Stanton and Gordon, keeping Yelich and Ozuna, and convincing 4-5 hope and prayer free agents like Jon Jay, Wade Miley, and Joulys Chacin to sign, perform well, and lead the way to an 18 game improvement (once Stanton and Gordon's production are off the team). This was not going to happen absent a $75 million increase in salary from what the Marlins already had. No person on the planet would have increased salary that much. Make it stop. Please season, start tomorrow for the love of god so this stops.
  10. You would need to replace minimum 500+ innings and probably get an upgraded 600 PA somewhere. The team was 4+ players away from beating the Nationals, Cubs, or Dodgers.
  11. That math doesn't add up for a 12 WAR swing. The Marlins wouldn't be getting -5+ WAR from their 4/5 SP and some extra relievers. Caleb Smith and Despaigne are projected to be .5-1.5 WAR players for instance. That's not good, but it is slightly above replacement level. Adding just Darvish and Chatwood is a hope and a dream of making the wild card game. They would need another 2+ players, likely from free agency, or someone like Anderson becoming a 3+ WAR player immediately
  12. Darvish and Chatwood are projected to have 6 WAR between them. So that would get the Marlins to .500. So sign Arrieta too, probably Mouse, field a $210 million payroll, and you have the honor of getting knocked out by the Nationals or Dodgers in the NLCS with the worst farm system in baseball and depreciating assets with only 1-2 years of control left for Ozuna, Realmuto, Stanton, and Straily. This is hot garbage.
  13. Did Fernandez rise from the dead with Chen's 26 year old left arm in this scenario? Didn't click.
  14. MarlinsLou

    3/9 Roster Cuts

    I hope Harrison is up for the first time mid-April 2020, securing his club control through 2026. That would be his age 24-30 seasons. Split this year in A+/AA, and 2019 in AA/AAA. Slow bake him like when Ryan Howard came up gangbusters. (For those of you who don't remember, Howard got 750 PA at AA/AAA over two seasons and OPS'd a shade under 1.100.) Marlins Baseball 2018: Preserve Club Control
  15. MarlinsLou

    Predict the Opening Day 25-Man Roster

    Yep, it's 6-10 weeks. Let the random guys play. Maybe you strike gold before the inevitable change over to the kids. I think they signed him to be in CF until Lee/Sierra come up this summer. I expect Brinson to be placed in RF and left alone for god willingly a decade.

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