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  1. It's you people around here that seem to care tbh. The Marlins dont care. Major League Baseball doesnt care. Its a select group on this little blog that seem to actually care for some odd reason as if its strange to have someone who doesnt live and die Marlins actually know things about their franchise. Heaven forbid! I have a lot of roots in the Marlin organization. I'll probably always at least 'pay attention' to what they are doing. Doesnt mean I'm rushing out to go buy a Marlins hat or call myself some Marlin fan tomorrow. I'm probably more critical of the
  2. Because you dont call up a prospect that is highly valued and isnt eligible for the 40 man yet just to fill in a roster spot for a few days. Thats stupid . You protect your most valued prospects and want to see them play regularly. If you call them up in April only to have them sit that says a lot about what the organization truly thinks of Devers tbh. Now if he is playing 4-5 times a week (even if he fails).....
  3. consistently fucking over your fanbase for one is something that doesnt really scream loyalty. Basically saying you are going to do one thing and then doing the exact opposite 18 months later for one. multiple fire sales over a 15 year period doesnt exactly scream loyalty. There is winning and there is 'trying to win' also fwiw. Fans can be very understanding when it comes to not winning if management is actually semi honest with fans.
  4. If you aren't going to play him full then thats even stupider, especially if you actually consider him a real prospect. I guess we will find out their real thoughts on him going forward. He plays pretty much everyday = they value him pretty highly. He plays sporadically = eh, not as valued as fans think.
  5. Framing is such a made up bunk stat that is just a stat head geeks' wet dream.
  6. Donovan Solano needs to send some of whatever he did to gain talent over to Isan Diaz.
  7. Wait, but the Marlins can call up Devers but not Bleday? Come on! Though this just is further amplification of how fucking god awful the depth is for the Marlins above AA in the infield. Still if Devers can get the call.... Why not Bleday? Do Marlin fans (and baseball fans) really need to be subjected to more of Lewis Brinson the semi everyday player?
  8. Loyalty goes both ways. If a team doesnt deserve my loyalty why the fuck should I give it? Blind loyalty is stupid. I've grown to learn and accept that.
  9. Damn I didnt realize they were both virtually the same age. Good job Das. REtract that part.
  10. Whomever signs first (but Freeman due to age)
  11. I like Jazz thats for sure. I'm not a fan of the manager. I am a big fan of the general manager. I am indifferent on lets say 20 of the 26 active players on the roster and could care less if they replaced all of them yesterday. Could be a couple more, could be a couple less, I'd have to think about it, but thats a good general number.
  12. The Cardinal fan base are littered with fucking idiotic morons (as are most fan bases fwiw). Those beat their chests to bfib are the absolute worst. Might be worst that your typical Red Sox fan.
  13. Both can be true. Free agents can be cheaper depending on how you value your own prospects. If you have money to spend (the Marlins do), signing a free agent only costs you money. A trade will cost you generally money (presuming they arent pre arb) PLUS prospect/s. So its something you have to manage properly. I have complete confidence Kim Ng will do a marvelous job if given the freedom to do what she feels is best for the team with a reasonable working budget, not this lunacy they call payroll today.
  14. The funny thing is that I think the Marlins offense is better than the Cardinal offense so at least the Marlins have that going for them!
  15. I was a Marlin fan from the day of the expansion draft and then slowly started to say fuck it after all the many firesales. The final Loria fire sale (was that the fourth one? fifth one? ) was when I finally officially said fuck it. Fool me 8 times and shame on me at that point.
  16. Pretty sad, tbh. BTW, How is Isan doing down in wherever the fuck he is? Has he discovered talent for hitting and fielding baseballs?
  17. I know it better than most of you Marlin fans, tbh.
  18. That was going to have happen naturally because the Marlins didnt/dont have the organizational depth to account for it all, especially within the infield even if all the prospects panned out. The infield depth (to especially include catcher) is pretty fucking thin.
  19. Lack of organizational testicles. You know what the fuck you have in what you are calling up. Bleday is an advanced prospect. Push the kid. Stop playing it cheaply to have him locked up in you organization until he is age 31 or whatever idiotic reason they have.
  20. I hate doing deals on pitchers, but if its reasonable you almost have to. I wouldnt be surprised if Kim Ng has been talking to the cheap bastards in ownership about doing smart baseball things for a change, but they could also be waiting out the CBA as well. Pitching is stupid expensive. Fortunately for the Marlins, that seems to be an organizational strength.
  21. See! National Treasure and I'm sure his banker thanks him very much for it. As does Mrs. Gregg (if there is one)
  22. Real dumb way to run a team, tbh. Glad Kim Ng is smart enough to hit that pause button and just let things play themselves out with players like Anderson.
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