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  1. I've watched baseball in LV, holy smokes it's hot and dry and the air is thin. At one game I saw Scott Pose hit a bomb about 450 feet as one of nine homers hit in the game! Will make for some interesting games for sure
  2. Someone can correct me on this, but wasn't there an article (maybe SI?!?) about the cost for each win? As I recall it seemed like it was about the Astros, how the amount varies but sometimes it costs more to put together a team that's not in contention than one that is. I'm not saying that's what the Marlins did, but fiscally it does makes sense.
  3. I'm thinking the Angels dump Ausmus to snag Maddon, that's the organization he started with.
  4. Interesting as they plan to discuss a contract extension with Rafael Devers. I'd like to see what they do with Betts, he made $20m last season and will certainly get more next year, do they keep him this off season and hope Sale and Price get healthy for another playoff run and then lose him to free agency or do they trade him and hope what you get in return is better than the draft picks they'd get otherwise?!? I know they have some money coming off the books with Porcello, Holt, Moreland and Pearce all free agents and pretty sure the Sandoval contract is finally off the ledger too. Also Martinez would be crazy to walk with $23m next year and another $38m still on the table, but good luck to him if he thinks he can get that somewhere else
  5. Man I'm really glad absolutely no one from the previous regime is still in power with the team now
  6. Do you not agree that the image of Jeter is calculated? You have to admit he is image driven. I'm not saying he can do no right, I think he or the front office made the trades this summer to get the team on the right track.
  7. Green must've thought he was getting an extension after going 274-366 in four seasons after Mattingly got one for going 272-366 during the same timeframe.
  8. Anyone else think the only reason Jeter reached out is that otherwise it leaves him looking bad? Jeter's image is so calculated so I can see him doing this to make himself look better.
  9. At this point I just want the Marlins to stay the course of what they've started. Too often they've jumped the gun in the rebuild process spending on free agents that were in their price range e.g. Morse, Latos, Chen or disastrous trades Cashner, Haren. Let's just go ahead and suck it up another year get the pieces in place from within and then add what you're lacking. I hate losing too, but after watching several of the farm teams this summer I think they might be on the right track for a change.
  10. Damn I thought instructs were for first/second year players, hard to believe they got Holloway, Chisholm and Sanchez out there.
  11. Dolphins football has got me watching the Marlins and waiting for tennis to come on?!?
  12. Matt Given was named the Marlins only GCL all-star, went 5-1 in 10 games with 2.74 ERA and 1.11 WHIP
  13. I like giving Moran a shot, not sure why they picked Heineman over Castillo or if they really needed either of them
  14. To be fair to the front office didn't really have a need for Canha at that time. As I recall he was solid player without a position obviously the outfield was in the capable hands of Ozuna, Yelich and Stanton, maybe he could've been a corner infielder, but I don't remember having much range at third, certainly looking at him now it's hard to believe he was allowed to go in the Rule 5 draft, but I'm sure the Diamondbacks would've loved to have had the production of Uggla for his first few years.
  15. GCL Playoffs and the final two games of the regular season have been cancelled due to Hurricane Dorian
  16. Since they're already on the 40 man, I'd like to see Guzman, Harrison if healthy and Jesus Sanchez
  17. Maybe introduce movable walls, they move in while the Marlins are hitting and go deeper when the visitors hit also add an extending wall barrier for the visitors too, that might help
  18. Based on previous experience here, this is no loss
  19. An under the radar player, he's a big bodied guy, I saw with Jupiter earlier this season, looks to be developing into a power bat at position the Marlins are thin after L. Diaz.
  20. Article says he got something tainted from a reliable source, anyone think that was Dee???
  21. He's looking great, he stopped and talked to me for at least 10 minutes discussing the Fish, the trade dead line and baseball in general, before the game. He works for the Nats now, Lenny is the hitting coach for Daytona who was in town to play the Hammerheads
  22. Nice night by Jazz, now I gotta make a trip to Jax before the end of the season, been a few years since I've felt the need to do that. Side note, went to the rookies game on Tuesday and got to see Jack McKeon and Lenny Harris who was wearing his 03 ring!
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