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Took 2 out of 3 from the Bravos

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My irrational fear was we would not do well against the Braves, but thankfully I was proven to be wrong, but the Devil Rays scare me. They can bat and their bullpen isn't bad. Our team is better defensively and the starters are better, but our bats and bullpen are less reliable.


I fear losing this series, can someone calm me down....*hyperventilates*

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But we are sending out AJ and Tejera?

did you just put AJ in the same sentence as Tejera?


:huh Neither will go more than 6 innings. Burnett pitched 7 very good innings his last outing....99 pitches altogether.


It could happen again. Jack may give him a few more pitches to work with....perhaps 105.

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No way. We're better than the D-Rays. I'm sure we'll be fine. Just don't use the bullpen much.

The reality is that we tend to do well against good teams and bad against the teams we should be walking away with wins.


I hope that the Fish don't view the D-Rays as some lay down team we can walk all over. I don't care what anyone says- you don't win 12 in a row and suck as a team. They are (somehow) getting themselves together - last night another win! and they're not going to roll over and play dead for us.

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Guest FishFanInPA

No one is saying they will roll over and die for us. They're the Devil Rays though and look at the SP's their rolling out there....Brazleton got shelled his last outing and Mark Hendrickson hasnt won in forever. If we can't hit these guys then we should be ashamed.

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I like our chances with Burnett and Pavano. Who knows about Tejera?


If Burnett has his hook going, then the Rays will be in for a long night. Pavno's control has been so good, he will certainly keep the score low.


It's too bad Beckett isn't pitching. The red hot Rays haven't faced a trio like Burnett, Beckett and Pavano...and certainly that would have cooled them off.


As it is, we'll do well to take 2 of 3.

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