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Some good Rap Songs

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diamonds in the back is terrible...i was bored one day and flipped it to BET...terrible terrible terrible.


Good rap song: "Liberation" by Outkast

Another good rap song: "Life's A B*tch" by Nappy Roots

Another good rap song: "Dope Boyz" by T.I.


download those, and then I'll give ya some more...the latest video on BET don't make it good.

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I like Twin Towers with EM, Loyd and 50.......


but the song im feeling right now is..... i dunno even know who sings it but i know Stylez is on it......


" Im Locked up"..... s*** is hot im get the cd this week its comes out tomorrow.......


and ya TI is Raw only if you like southren rap......

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most of obie trices cd is hot. New d12 is the best cd out now. Anything ludacris is garbage hes gone to mainstream and all his songs are just trash. And T.I had a couple good songs but now hes done.Literally hes in jail and will have no more music

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Lately almost all rap has been sh!t. Some of the new stuff coming out is just terrible.


Generalizing much?



lol, did anyone see that article about a month ago about T.I. getting in trouble for filming a music video in the Fulton County Jail? He asked to be transferred from Cobb County (an Atlanta-area county) to Fulton County (another Atlanta-area county...i.e. Fulton County Stadium).

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