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Former Marlins you'd like to see back


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This has been brought up a few times over the last couple of days, I figure it deserves a dedicated thread.



I actually wouldn't want Sheif, Piazza, or Alou. They are too different from the fun attitude we have (or had). But there are others though all are equally unavailable.


Trevor Hoffman You gotta go back to 1993 but he was a Marlin, and I want him back. Would fix our bullpen in a hurry.


Mark Kotsay He's healthy (for once). He's a gold glove caliber fielder at all 3 OF, and 1B. Plus he has very few strikeout which fits our philosophy.


Edgar Renteria If you don't want him you are dumb.


Pudge Not to open an old can of worms but I was wrong, Marlins management was wrong, heck everybody short of Dombroski was wrong.


Millar There was a thread on this one. His production sucks, and he is completely loco. But he was a clubhouse favorite, and would go a long way toward making it fun again (when was the last time Cabrera smiled when he struck out). We could send him to Japan when the season is out. :)


I'm not sure who I'm missing, but there have got to be other worthwhile former marlins. Of course all share one trait, they'd literally take the farm to get. Except Millar

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Guest Juanky

In this order




Sheffield (SEE: Pudge)

Pudge (the player, not the a**hole)

Nen (health is an issue)




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Craig Counsell. Wanted to go in a different direction because of our lacking bench. He wouldnt be my first choice but he needs to be remembered. He can play multiple positions and his bat is decent. I still remember watching ESPN 2 at the sports ticker looking at all the trades on the trade deadline and seeing Mark Hutton traded for Craig Counsell. I was like WTF! Who is this Counsell kid?

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