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New Feature Highlight 5: Ignore List


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You are now able to place members on your ignore list. This means posts from them will not be automatically shown to you allowing you to only read what you want to read.


You can add and remove users from your ignore list whenever you want and can do so in your User CP.


Please do not turn this thread into a thread where you talk about who you are ignoring. Also please do not start threads asking who ignores who. This feature is best used anonymously


Ignore List Display (Empty)




Ignore List Display (with a user)




Location of section in User CP (in Options)




Ignore from Profile




If you have any questions or comments on this feature, please make them here so that everyone can see it.


Stay tuned for the next new feature highlight coming soon!

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There's nobody on my ignore list. There's really no need to have to place someone on your ignore list. You can just ignore their post and not read it when you see they post, and if you ever have some extra free time on your hands then you can read that persons stupid posts and laugh.


Also, nobody never makes any posts that are worthy of being read. So even if someone makes a lot of insanely idiotic posts, you can still keep them unignored for those few posts.


And IMO, most of the time atleast, when someone has something worthwhile to post, they post it completely grammatically correct. So you can see right away if you should read the post. You know that when you see long posts like "omgg i luv megel he iz sooo hott i wnt 2 marre him!!" that it's probably not worthwhile to read.


If someone has something worthwhile to post then they will think the whole post out and post it grammatically correct...etc.


So IMO atleast, there really is no need to have an ignore feature, but since it was suggested to have one it's okay. I'm just adding my 2 cents on this feature.

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I put Marlins on my ignore list finally.


He's f***ing annoying as hell.



:thumbup :notworthy


Good to see you joined the movement, if everybody did the board would be a much beter place.



Preach on brother. :thumbup


Seriously. What the hell.

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