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poor odom....

Ice Man

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I liked the trade all in all, i mean. come on....ITS SHAQ...but i do miss Odom, and im sure many of us will as well...



found this on a message board on ESPN.com



MIAMI -- Lamar Odom has assumed the role of the missing man in this big trade.


He's the only player Heat President Pat Riley has been unable to reach, and Riley is concerned about his former forward.


"I have not been able to talk to him yet," Riley said Wednesday. "I've talked to (forward) Caron (Butler) and I've talked to (center) Brian (Grant). I have not been able to get through to Lamar. His phone messages are all full and I've called his agent. I've written him a note that has been mailed to him.


"I definitely want to talk to him because I feel absolutely horrible. I do from that standpoint because he had great trust in me and this organization when he came here and he had an absolutely incredible year.... I am a selfish man from the standpoint I wish that I could see him play with (center) Shaquille (O'Neal) and (guard) Dwyane (Wade) and I could just see that developing. But it isn't meant to be."


Odom came to the Heat having been suspended twice by the NBA under its substance-abuse policy. There also were injuries and allegations he loafed during rehabilitation.


When Odom's former team, the Los Angeles Clippers, announced it wouldn't match the offer sheet Odom signed with the Heat last summer, the Clippers said in a statement that character issues were one reason they didn't want Odom back.


But Odom excelled in Miami, on and off the court, and he was thrilled to be teamed with Riley. Odom averaged 17.1 points and 9.7 rebounds in his only season in Miami and was named to the Olympic team.


But even when the rumors surfaced of Odom being named to the Olympic team, long before the trade rumors began, he wasn't returning calls from his teammates.


"He was the absolute key player in the trade for the Lakers and I feel very bad for that," Riley said. "But the nature of this business is these things happen and I do hope to speak with him down the road."

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As much as I'm ecstatic about Shaq coming, I'm just as sad to see these guys go.


Caron was always one of my faves and I'm gonna be sad to take him out of that framed pic next to me. I wish him all the best in LA and I'll always remember his memorable performances.


Grant was just always a warrior, playing his hardest through all his injuries and he'll be remembered for his heart.


But Odom, I feel horrible. He must be devastated, he finally found somewhere where he can stay out of trouble, he fits in and he's putting up all-star numbers. everything was going right and bam next thing you now, you're traded back to LA.


but it's a business, everyone is basically looked at like a number, not a person. that's a factor you have to realize though when you play in the NBA, no one's in it to make friends, only to make money and win.

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in my mind losing Lamar Odom gave us two things


1. we unloaded the risk of having this guy do something stupid off the court




2. Not having Odom now gives Wade the opportunity for a lot more perimeter touches now that we dont have to worry about Odom taking his 20 shots a game




and in the process we got the MOST DOMINANT player in the NBA today



I havent been this excited about an upcoming NBA season in at least 10 years

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Odom has a 15% trade clause in his contract in which he immediately received a 9 million dollar lump sum on top of his regular salary as soon as this trade was made official... don't feel bad for him.



I still feel bad for him. Yeah maybe money-wise I dont but I dont feel bad for any player money-wise anyways because they make more money than most of us will ever see anyway.


I mean the way he made relationships here with the organization and he trusted this team. Like I said, it's a business and these things happen all the time but anyone with a heart would feel bad that he has to leave this great situation set up for him.

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