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LO DUCA!!!!!!!!!!!!

Guest FlummoxedLummox

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take a look at that homer. are there still doubters??????????



1st things 1st, here's a pat on the back...you called that one :rolleyes:


2nd: YES! We needed that...if he can keep this up this half, this trade could work out....then again, our starting pitching needs to shape up....

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Kasper said that was Duca's 7th HR in July. He has 11 overall.


1 since the break.



I really hope this trade works out. I've followed the Marlins since the expansion draft and love the team. I just feel we were a better team on July 29th and am upset at how many board members view young players. Just put me on your ignore lists for the next few days.

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While I still think the Dodgers won the trade, I (an Expos fan) have no doubt that Lo Duca will be a solid pickup for you guys.


But before you put him in the Marlins Hall of Fame, keep in mind that his homer was off Rocky Biddle, quite possibly the worst pitcher in baseball.

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I was at the game tonight, Gonzo was at the plate and all of a sudden LoDuca appeared in the on-deck circle in the 6th inning, before he was even announced and when Gonzo was still at the plate, the crowd began to notice him and started to give him a standing ovation. Alex reached 1st on a walk and LoDuca's name was announed by the PA announcer, the crowd went crazy and you could just tell LoDuca was feeding off the energy in PPS. He stepped to the plate, the Expos pitcher wound up, kicked, and delivered... on the very first pitch Paul LoDuca ever saw as a Marlin he knocked a 2 run jack to left field, it was spectacular... KIRK GIBSON TYPE OF SPECTACULAR!. As he rounded the bases he never once touched the ground, the crowd loved it and he gave us a curtain call. When the ball left his bat, I and everyone else immediately knew that it was gone, I actually took a double take and all I could think of when LoDuca was rounding the bases was the famous "I DON'T BELIEVE WHAT I JUST SAW!" call from the 1988 World Series, there are no words to describe what happened inside of PPS tonight, to call it anything short of spectacular would be an enormous understatement.


In Beinfest We Trust.

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