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I just can't see getting some thing placed on my skin that will be there forever. What happens if I don't like it after awhile? I'm screwed. Thus, I will never get a tattoo.

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It looks good on guys as long as they have the body for it b/c a scrawny guy with s*** all over his body isn't too enticing im sure, and as long as it's not like excessively.


oh and no tattoos right now for me but i'll probably end up with a few small ones sooner or later but it's gonna take me long to decide what i want since i mean im keeping it forever.

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ummm tattoos dont look good on white people??


thats rather interesting


i could understand if you are "dark" skinned (african american) since you really dont get much detail



why do you say that they dont look good on white people?


Well maybe the dude with 9 doesn't think so, but most people will think tattoos all over white people look awful. I do. Look at Chris Andersen for New Orleans. He looks like a fool.

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hes from holland he doesnt know what the heck is going on



look at cherookee parks


haha puss in college pimp in the nba


Who Birdman?

He was born in Long Beach and went to JC in Texas.




dood anderson from the nuggets is from holland



cherokee parks from the US and he has full sleeves if im not mistaken

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