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Gold Glove

Ice Man

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I saw this topic on a cubs message board, so i decided to start it here.


Nominations: Castillo, Loduca, Gonzalez and Lowell.


Who Should Win: Lo Duca and Gonzalez.



Lo Duca has thrown out 10 of 14 base runners while in florida, thats a .417% he only has 2 passed balls in FLA, 7 in LA. and an overall .995 % in overall fielding.


And Gonzo, while his fielding percentage doesn't show it, he's definetly saved a few XBT or overall runs with his sickening D.

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.267 CS% 3.85 CERA 1E 2PB


Lo Duca:

.313 CS% 3.82 CERA 4E 9PB


Lo Duca could win it.


Something to look at though, Matheny has only 55 SB attempts against him while Lo Duca has 99 in only 10 more games. Much like Pudge, Matheny's reuptation behind the plate preceeds him ... no one is really testing him anymore.

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there, i told ya'll bitches. Heres something for ya:


"Make sure your brain is loaded before you go shooting off your mouth"



yeah, its a sign in my kitechen...



Matheny is the better catcher, Lo Duca has the lower CERA which is really a function of the pitchers you have throwing to you ... and Lo Duca has caught two of the best staffs in baseball this year.

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Im surprised no one has mentioned renteria at SS. Remeber that for some reason offense is a factor in gold gloves even though it shouldnt be. I dont think loduca will get it b/c he was traded and the cardinals have achieved godly status. I think renteria, matheney, and rolen will all win gold gloves in those positions. And as far as the cards go so will edmonds

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Castillo leads the NL in ZR and is in third in FP, considering he's the defending champ I say he has a very good chance to repeat.



I don't think Gonzo has much of chance, he's not a big name. Izturis and Everett are having as good if not better seasons defensively.


Everett has been hurt for sometime now so I would count him out....


I think its between Renteria, Greene, Bass, and Izturis.... maybe Jack Wilson too

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