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Looks like Friday ain't happening...

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Cubs president Andy MacPhail informed the Chicago press that the team will fly back to Chicago on Wednesday night to wait out the storm. If the brunt of the storm passes by Saturday morning, the Cubs are planning to fly to Florida on Saturday morning, open the series on Saturday night and play a doubleheader on Sunday.

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I've got tickets to all 3 games, it'll be pretty tough for the hurricane to hit on Saturday morning then go to a baseball game Saturday night.


Yeah, lol. They expect everything to be all dandy just because the storm left? There is the aftermath....But hey if it works out then prefect because we're at home and we end up playing all 3 games here.

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So basically the Cubs are going to sit at home and see what the storm does, and if the brunt stays north, fly down and play a doubleheader and a game on sat and sun.


Sounds fair enough, just whatever they do, don't put the 3 games scheduled for PPS at Wrigley, that'd be beyond unfair.

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screw the dolphins.



why screw the dolphins? it isnt their fault....its the hurricane's fault.



Because if the Dolphins weren't playing, we could just swap the road trips. Since they are playing, it makes things complicated and we'll probably have to end up playing a double header.



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All I would like to know is which game do the people with tickets to SATURDAY'S GAME go to?

Somebody please let me know in this thread or please PM ME. I'd greatly appreciate it.



Wait til it's cancelled.

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