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Beckett being a baby...again

Hurricane Teal

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What's up with that? I read that he's upset about Sea Bass not getting charged an error on Saturday. He's saying that costed him an earned run and therefore he would have been credited with a "good performance" Whatever that means.


I don't know about you guys, but I think it's pretty low to blame teamates on your poor outings. He's reminding me of the guy in the Bud commercials.


He will ruin the team chemistry if he keeps this up. :thumbdown

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beckett is a jackass that has not done anything since the W.S.

i say we trade his sorry ass while he's still worth something..

go ahead and blast me if you want but i know there's people out there that feel the same way i do..


i agree with you, trade him while we can still get something for him...maybe fool a team into thinking he can pitch like he did in the WS and pick up a good prospect and an established big leaguer

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I don't know how to link stuff, but here's a copy and paste from today's Palm Beach Post. It's under the "Marlins' news section:


Weathers gets the call for 'bullpen game' start

Reeling from A.J. Burnett's injury, the Marlins turn to the veteran reliever.

By Joe Capozzi


Palm Beach Post Staff Writer


Monday, September 20, 2004


MIAMI GARDENS ? Right-handed reliever David Weathers will make his first start since 1998 in the second game of today's doubleheader against the Cubs.


"It wasn't at the top of my list that I thought I'd be starting a game when I got here," said Weathers, picked up by the Marlins on Sept. 8, "but I knew with all these doubleheaders, there was going to be a game in there that was going to be a bullpen game. All it takes is what happened to A.J."


Right-hander A.J. Burnett, who was scratched from his scheduled start Friday because of a sore elbow, won't start this week after feeling discomfort toward the end of a 10-minute bullpen session Sunday

The Marlins will be happy to get four or five strong innings from Weathers, who said he hasn't thrown more than 35 or 40 pitches per appearance in the past six or seven seasons.


Weathers started nine games for Cincinnati in 1998 under then-Reds manager Jack McKeon. Weathers is 17-27 with a 5.62 ERA in 67 career starts, including 53 starts with the Marlins from 1993-96.


Beckett still angry: Several Marlins players are upset with pitcher Josh Beckett for thinking shortstop Alex Gonzalez should have been charged with an error on Rafael Furcal's infield hit Saturday night.


Furcal's single led of the sixth inning when the Braves scored four runs. Beckett is upset because if the play was called an error, his ERA would have improved and he would have been credited with a quality start, defined as allowing three or less runs in at least six innings.


"How can you criticize that shortstop after all the plays he's made for us all year," said one pitcher.


"What about the two double plays (Gonzalez) turned that got (Beckett) out of jams?" asked another Marlins source.


Gonzalez didn't want to discuss the issue. "If he's upset, go ask him," he said.


Beckett avoided reporters Saturday. On Sunday, he wouldn't discuss the game. "I don't want to talk about it," he said. "I'm still (upset) about something else."

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How do you know he said that? It was said in the media, which can be misleading, Beckett was never quoted saying it.


Yeah, if it was just him being quoted, then maybe. But when teammates are responding to it, he has a history of doing this.....I wouldn't be shocked if he did.

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You guys have to understand that a 3 ER outing would have been Beckett's best outing since the WS.



That simply is not true. If you're going to take a shot at Josh, do so with an accurate statement.


He still hasn't been World Series good this year, not even close


Sad situation. Josh pisses me off with his cocky attitude.

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