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Batting Gonzalez 7th or 8th?


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Anyone think he'd be better in the 7 spot with Conine batting behind him? He's such a free swinger, having a pitcher bat behind him might not be a good thing..




6. Lo Duca

7. Gonzalez

8. Conine



We put him there last year but there wasn't much protection with Redmond or Encarnacion batting behind him.


Any thoughts?

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Gonzalez has great power numbers. He isnt a clutch hitter that can drive in runs when it counts. Conine who had 83 RBIs last season can drive in runs from the 7th hole quite well. Hes great for mop up duty. Say lowell and lo duca are on base, i rather see conine at the plate to drive them in that gonzo. Keep gonzo 8th, hes too good to bat 9th by the way

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I can see why you would put Gonzo in the 7th spot because he is not very patient and he swings at bad pitches. By puting him in the 7th spot he will get better pitches to hit then in the 8th spotand you put conine in the 8th because he is patient and can drive the ball.


But i would rather have gonzo on at 8th because conine could gets some RBI while men our on base istead of Gonzo at 7th srewing up.

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keep him in the 8 hole


he has no bat control and only hits mistakes anyway



His career numbers are better as a 7 hole hitter though...just food for thought.


Thats cuz his 8th hole AB's drag down his BA. You can't convince me he should hit in front of anyone but the pitcher.

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I dont have any numbers to back it up but I think that Gonzo may have put up better stats when batting 7th, last season.



Yeah, I think you're right. He just seemed to be much more productive in the 7 hole. However, with that said, I wouldn't have Conine batting 8th. I think 7th is too low for him, but with the lineup we have, there's no other choice.

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