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Charles Johnson situation


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Did anyone else see this. he is third on the rockies depth chart. I am sure there are some hard feelings with him and the organization but he is really trying to get out of Colorado. What a fabulous back-up catcher he would make at $750,000. He would be a great back-up for Loduca so he would be well rested.


Probably not going to happen and we would have to give up a pretty good prospect, but it sure makes an interesting thought imo.

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Delgado, Cabrera, Lowell, Pierre. Those four position players are more marketeable than Johnson right now.


However, he would give us a better off the bench option than either Treanor or DiFelice (Willingham isn't an option at this point, IMO).



I wouldn't do it, but I wouldn't be disappointed if we did it (if that makes sense).

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The probably with CJ as a backup is that although for that price he is an excellent person to have on the bench, LoDuca plays a lot. CJ wont be getting too many at bats, maybe once a week at best he can get a start and not even that. As for team chemistry, if he knows his role as a bench player then its ok. but w/e it wont happen he'll start for another team

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