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Jorg's Journal - April 22, 2005


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April 22, 2005


ok here it is. my first journal entry from the minor leagues. we're actually on the road right now in omaha - playing the royals. rosenblatt stadium just isn't the same as it is during the college world series. they keep saying we have about 1500 people in attendance, but it's just about as bad as the florida state league here. it's very hard to play with hardly any fans in the stands.


right now we're sitting at 10-5. we had a rough trip to face the cubbies in iowa earlier this week. there were a few games we had in the bag, but we couldn't execute a few things later on in the game and that cost us. dean says we're getting too "comfortable" - which he's right. it does seem that we're getting relaxed out there on the field and not trying to win every inning of every game.


we have the potential to be a very offensive team, but lately we're not hitting the ball. i think we're in the league leaders for strikeouts at the plate (not pitching) - which isn't good. both josh and i are struggling at the plate. we made a deal that we're just going to combine both our average and we'll be happy. my swing started off good early on, but then it got long. i finally realized that and now it's shortened up a bit after working with reggie.


on a side note, i won a little over 1000 at the casino last night. i was playin 4 card poker and was down to my last 40 bucks. i put it all in on one hand and hit a straight flush - which pays out 20 to 1 odds on one part, and 30 to 1 odds on another. i even had to borrow 60 from jason stokes to play the hand. i gave him a $ 5 tip - i'm so nice. haha. i'll have to buy him dinner.


we return to my stomping grounds - or close to them - after our 4 game homestand starting this weekend. we head down to new orleans. for those of you who don't know, i went to LSU, and baton rouge is only about an hour from new orleans. i think i'm going to have half the attendance at zephyr stadium too. hah.


i'll try to write more often as the season goes on. you know, to tell everyone how much i win at the casino

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