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Marlin's First Half LVP


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1. JP - while he's getting out of it, he's the reason for our offensive struggles during the first half: not setting the table, causing our run-scoring chances to be infrequent and desperate.

2. Lowell - a strong candidate for not coming up in big situations

3. Mota - another player getting out of his funk. cost us many close ball games. would rank ahead of Lowell had he not been injured

4. Leiter - terrible, but atleast it's only once every 5 days.

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I'll go with Lowell, just because he's been terrible every day, but Leiter and Mota would win it on any other team... and JP hasn't put up the numbers of a leadoff hitter or a starting outfielder for this season.


Of course, Bill Robinson for Least Valuable Hitting Coach, anyone?

(he's by extension also the Most Valuable Hitting Coach, for those of you who think he's doing a good job.)

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Leiter has been the most difficult to watch. He's the only one that can really get me yelling at the TV when he's pitching.


Everytime he throws I expect us to lose. It's to the point where I refuse to go to the game if he is starting.


I hope the FO releases him so we can start the 2nd half with a clean slate.

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Guest Juanky

After the first inning today, the score was 0-0 but because Al Leiter was pitching I felt like we were already losing 8-0 and more was coming. By the look of the player's eyes on the field in front of me, they shared the sentiment.


If the third baseman doesn't come through, there are at least other hitters. But if Leiter isn't going to last at least 5, not only is the pen taxed for the next two days but also that means the other offense has already scored some runs in bunches.

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