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Teal alternate jersey


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I think it would go over well, like every 3rd home game have the home alternate, then 3 home games after that have the teal, every 3 road games have the black alternate, then 3 road games after that have the teal alternate, and heck if we make the playoffs next season we could start off the NLDS in the teal baby(with MARLINS and players name and # in black and silver)

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Teal is distinctive and special. I pride my original Teal caps.

Teal is not gay. It says "up yours."

And all fans everywhere know the color.

And they will learn to fear it.

How many teams (other than with the color of Red) are recognizable by color?


Exactly! Teal's unique, that's why I love it.

If it were up to me, i'd bring 'em back for sure.

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Guest Moneyball

Yes, but not that 1990's teal. A darker teal would look sweet.




The pale teal was the best



For that time it was.


Speaking of teal unis the M's are going to use them this year.

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