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Lo Duca Injury


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Right now half the league is on waiver lists (I'm exaggerating to make a point), if LoDuca is seriously injured Beinfest will move heaven and earth to find a Mike deFelice type to fill in.


But let's not get ahead of ourselves...he may be dinged up and limping but able to play.



Yeah, remember, LoDuca did play with a broken thumb...the man's tough. I think his leg would have to be broken for him to miss more than 2 days.

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Here's the update on LoDuca as reported by the Sun-Sentinel


"...Lo Duca reached on a second-inning double and strained his right hamstring trying to advance to third on a fly out.


Lo Duca clutched at the back of his leg before third baseman Rich Aurilia tagged him. He limped off and was replaced by Matt Treanor.


"I did it like four years ago in the same spot," said Lo Duca, who spent time on the disabled list in 2001 in part because of a left hamstring strain. "The last time I pulled it, it was way worse than this and I played 10 or 12 days later. Hopefully this time it will be four or five or even shorter."


Lo Duca had the benefit of being evaluated by a hamstring authority. Tim Kremchek, the Reds' medical director, has preformed revolutionary hamstring surgery on Ken Griffey Jr., among others.


Kremckek didn't think Lo Duca's injury was severe. The Marlins will re-evaluate him this morning before deciding whether to make a roster move."



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They may not want to DL LoDuca if he can be back in four to seven days, probably send Messenger back down and bring up Hill or Jorgenson.



Rather see Valerio get dropped.


Don't discount DL'ing Encarnacion. If he was MRI'd, it isn't something that'll fix itself tomorrow.

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