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Hall of Fame Ballot


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Rose won't be on Hall ballot in final year of eligibility


And why should he be? I mean, look at the powerhouse class he would have been in among first ballot players: Rick Aguilera, Tim Belcher, Albert Belle, Will Clark, Alex Fernandez, Gary Gaetti, Dwight Gooden, Ozzie Guillen, Juan Guzman, Orel Hershiser, Gregg Jefferies, Lance Johnson, Doug Jones, Roberto Kelly, Mickey Morandini, Hal Morris, Jaime Navarro, Luis Polonia, Mike Stanley, Walt Weiss, John Wetteland, Mark Whiten


Rose couldn't carry Polonia's jock... :mischief


So in all seriousness, who gets in this year? Here's a list in order of % of votes followed by this year's new class:


Bruce Sutter

Jim Rice

Rich Gossage

Andre Dawson

Bert Blyleven

Lee Smith

Jack Morris

Tommy John

Steve Garvey

Alan Trammell

Dave Parker

Don Mattingly

Dave Concepcion

Dale Murphy

Willie McGee


First year of eligibility likely to receive the votes required to make ballot:

Albert Belle

Will Clark

Gary Gaetti

Orel Hershiser

Darryl Strawberry

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IMO who should be include Dawson, Blyleven and Rice. As for the relievers I would rank Lee Smith above Sutter and maybe equal to Gossage. I still find it hard to beleive that Jeff Reardon was gone from the ballot after just one year on. He was as much an equal to these other relievers. As for this years first years very few of them will see a second ballot.

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will be:

Sutter and Rice

should be:

Dawson, Blyleven, and Mattingly

as for Rose, no way does he belong in the Hall, unless it's by the Veteran's committee...even that is iffy...he broke the cardinal sin of baseball, doing something that he knew that if he got caught he would be banned for life, he should just face the consequences

the fact he's bitching about not being able to be on the BBWAA ballot shows that they're his only hopes of him getting in

of the first years, Will the Thrill is easily the best

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I think that newcomers Will Clark and Orel Hershiser will lead the newcomer votes. I'm not sure if any of the guys from last year will get in.


Here are the voting results for the last three years, of players who received 50 percent or more of the voting:



Bruce Sutter 53.63

Jim Rice 52.22

Andre Dawson 50.00



Ryne Sandberg 61.07

Bruce Sutter 59.49

Jim Rice 54.55

Andre Dawson 50.00



Bruce Sutter 66.7

Jim Rice 59.5

Rich Gossage 55.2

Andre Dawson 52.3


Ryne Sandberg went from a low 49 percent vote in 2003, to a 76 percent election to the HOF two years later. A similar, but less significant jump has happened with Bruce Sutter. He would only need to increase his voting percentage by about 9% to get elected to the HOF. This is about 50 votes.


Slowly, Jim Rice's numbers have been increasing, but he is still about 75 votes or so away from election, and it doesn't seem likely that he can get that many.


The best chance for any of these candidates to get in would be this year, because it is one of the few years from now on that will have a weak newcoming class.


The next few years include:



Tony Gwynn (lock), Mark McGwire (lock, despite the negative press this year), Cal Ripken Jr. (lock)


Tim Raines (possibility)


Mark Grace (possibility), Rickey Henderson (lock)


Edgar Martinez?

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Dawson definitely deserves to get in, no doubt about it.


His power numbers might not stack up with the players of now but that doesn't change the fact that he was one of the most feared players of his era... and the HOF should consist of the best players of their time. He was THE elite 5 tool player of his time. Amazing OF arm, 8 gold gloves....2700+ hits, 400+ HRs, 300+ SBs (Only him, Bonds and Mays have done that). If he didn't have such knee problems or play for such bad teams, who knows what he could have done. Doesn't change the fact he was one of the most feared players of his time. Also known for being a great humanitarian and a true loyalist to his team.. gave the Cubs a blank contract to play for them.


I really really hope he gets in and I'll be there for his induction if he does.

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