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Why 2005 was a failure...


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Mike Lowell.


Jack McKeon for sticking with Mike Lowell.


Admin Beinfest for failing to make that "fix 'em up" trade when we were scuffling in June.


The middle relief.


Al Leiter (I find it hard to blame Leiter because it's not as if there were qualified replacements for his spot in the rotation to start the year, unlike Lowell who could easily have been replaced with Cabrera at third and Conine in left).

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Baseball is a team sport. Trying to individualize what occurred over a 162 game season is something only a fool would attempt.




Calling all fools? Then here I go:


1. Mike Lowell- chief culprit. I don't know if I can ever remember any one player falling off that much in one year (year and a 1/2).


2. JP- He did make me fully appreciate the difference between batting average and OBP. So he's got that going for him. Which is nice.


3. Mota- Imagine if he had been able to be our 7th/8th guy like he was for Gagne


4. The Yankees

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Baseball is a team sport. Trying to individualize what occurred over a 162 game season is something only a fool would attempt.




Playing the fool is so easy and so fun.


Blame game Co-MVP's:


Guillermo Mota (is he just terrible or did Jack and "Hitch Up Pants" Wiley just bring out the worst in him)


Mike Lowell (sad to watch, but the glove makes me still like him and I wish him luck)


Juan Pierre (JP would it kill ya to take a base on balls now and again)


Al Leiter (great guy, a gamer, but he should write a check to the team for about 4 mil for the pathetic performances he turned in)


And lastly,


The Marlins as a whole as they dropped both sides of a double header to the girls team known as the Colorado Rockies. :banghead

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you can't blame anybody for the woos of 2005, it was always a differ failure. Somebody always messed it up, but if you want to point fingers, point them at Al Lieter, who lost most of the games that could have counted positive towards our record...but you know what, Pierre wasn't getting on base, Lowell's bat disappeared into thin air...guys were not producing...

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There's almost an incalcuable number of reasons why the Marlins disappointed in 2004 and 2005, from hurricanes to fillintheblank, but you know, I sit back and look at it all and I don't blame the FO/ownership for cleaning house.


Honestly, where was this team going anyways? A race for second or third, another losing effort to sneak into the playoffs through the wildcard, more rainouts and lousy attendance, if you're going to blow up a team, give these guys credit, nobody does it better than the Florida Marlins.


So while some among us still feel the need to lay blame on individuals, I'm 100% okay with starting anew comfortable in the knowledge that no matter how badly we feel, Jeffrey Loria feels worse, and that will lead to building a better more competitive team in the future.


My Loria comment will no doubt renew misplaced hatred towards our owner, and I know I can't do anything about that. But for those of you who watched him at games, agonizing over every out, regardless of the hate spewed here, I still think he loves this team more than anyone on the face of the earth, and a couple of years from now when we're playing in October, we'll be singing his praises once again.


Such is the life of a Marlins fan. Masochists of the world unite !

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