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What AL Team...


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Heres how I rank the AL playoff teams....


1. New York

2. Boston

3. Minnesota

4. Oakland


If Oakland faces Minnesota their screwed, but the Twins are to the A's what the Yankees are to the Twins.


Yankees will go the Series and win it all like they do every year. :banghead

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Red Sox/Cubs (how cool would that be? because you know the sad part is somebody would have to win that world series!)

It wouldn't be cool at all. I don't want either of these teams to ever win the World Series again...ever.


Even though I guess if one of them won it, we'd lose half of the sob stories I have to put up with every year like their teams are entitiled to win one because they haven't in so long. They don't deserve to win any more than any other team, especially the Cubs, at least the Red Sox seem like they're trying to win every year.

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