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Just bought my first item off of Ebay.

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eBay is great for buying and selling. I bet I've got one of the top feedbacks here. :mischief


Feedback Score: 708

Positive Feedback: 100%

Members who left a positive: 709

Members who left a negative: 0

All positive feedback received: 941



GEEZ dude! All buying or both buying and selling? Ive been on ebay for about 4 years now and I have about 72 FB (75 left) I have gotten many buyers who dont even leave FB

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Got it for $3.00 + $2.25 shipping.


I am pumped, have been looking for some Chris Volstad prospect cards. Should be a nice addition to my collection.


Nice bro. Obviously you aren't collecting for rarity or value, but Chris is a great guy to have in your set. I've been looking for a nicely priced Bowman card of him. He's the only big prospect for the Fish that I don't have.

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They were actually selling those at Publix's back in 03'.


I bought one for $19.99 so make sure you dont overpay for one.


The DVD has been Out of Print for a while now, so the value of any copy in circulation rises.


I got 2 copies back in the day for 9.99 from the Spec's used bin. I kept one and sent the other to my nephews.


I'm hoping some day MLB releases a multi-disc set of both the '97 and '03 series. We'll wait and see.

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