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Marlins All Time Team

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After looking at the All time Web Gem thread, I thought it'd be fun to come up with the all time Marlins team.

Basically, I want everyone to assemble the best 25 man roster made up of current and former Marlins. I'm only judging the players based on how they performed for Florida, and not their entire careers (although it could be fun to make a list that had guys like Mike Piazza, Trevor Hoffman and Andre Dawson on it).


Here's my team :


C - Ivan Rodriguez

1B - Carlos Delgado

2B - Luis Castillo

SS - Edgar Renteria

3B - Mike Lowell

LF - Miguel Cabrera

CF - Juan Pierre

RF - Gary Sheffield


SP - Dontrelle Willis

SP - Kevin Brown

SP - Josh Beckett

SP - Livan Hernandez

SP - Ryan Dempster


RP - Todd Jones

RP - Armando Benitez

RP - Antonio Alfonseca

RP - Bryan Harvey

RP - Braden Looper

RP - Ugueth Urbina

CL - Robb Nen




C - Charles Johnson

OF - Moises Alou

OF - Cliff Floyd

1B/OF - Jeff Conine

IF - Lenny Harris (Just need to have this guy on the team)


I'm sure I forgot some guys, but I think this team is pretty damn good.

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Hes been around for less than a year. Geezus.



No Dempster, Leiter, Brown?




How long have you been a Marlins fan? No offense.


I just like him, he's just one of my favorite players, I know he doesn't deserve it. I've had season tickets since '93 (enough though I was 2 yr.'s old at the time). I've been a diehard fan probably since 2000. But I've been through the rough times in the franchise. I went to the games all the time, but that was just to eat ice cream.

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My favorite team, assuming everyone performing the best they did as a Marlin, would be...


2B Castillo

CF Kotsay

3B Cabrera

LF Floyd

RF Sheffield

1B Lee

C Pudge

SS Agon

P Brown


SP Brown

SP Beckett

SP Willis

SP Dempster

SP Leiter


RP Nenn

RP Jones

RP Urbina

RP Manteii

RP Cook

CL Benitez


MI Renteria

CI Lowell, Delgado

OF Eric Owens, Juan Pierre



So this would be my FAVORITE team, not necessarily the best....I had to sacrifice Harvey for my boy EBO....i love the way that dude played


I'm surprised no one gave love to Kotsay before me..

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LF-Cliff Floyd

CF-Juan Pierre

RF-Gary Sheffield

1B-Derek Lee

2B-Luis Castillo

SS-Alex Gonzalez/Edgar Renteria

3B-Miguel Cabrera (sorry Mike)

C-Pudge Rodriguez


SP-Dontrelle Willis

SP-Livan Hernandez

SP-Kevin Brown

SP-Pat Rapp (first one hitter in Fish history and held wins record for several years)

SP-Al Leiter


RP-Yorkis Perez

RP-Luis Aquino

RP-Jay Powell

RP-Antonio Alfonseca

RP-Dan Miceli (you know why)

RP-Ice Man

RP-Rob Nen

CL-Bryan Harvey

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ALL TIME BEST starting lineup composed of former Marlin greats...


Put your diapers on, cause here we go.....




CF- Scott Pose- one word: SPLENDID!!!!


RF- Darrell Whitmore- Why did he quit professional baseball to become a stock clerk at Albertson's? Some things in this crazy life just don't make any sense.


3B- Kevin Orie- RAW POWER.... I once saw this guy hit a ball almost 400 feet!!! That is almost half the distance of the famed ocean liner "Titanic"!!!!! INCREDIBLE!!!!


1B- Orestes Destrade- His onfield prowess is only rivaled by his work on the acclaimed ESPN series, Baseball Tonight. With such expert analysis as "that team needs to score more runs than the other team in order to win", and "That pitcher needs to hold the other team to less runs than his team is able to score if he is going to win." I am sure that many pitchers emptied their bladders when they caught sight of his scary eyes beneath those thick bifocals.


LF- Matias Carillo- before Air Bud, there was Matias Carillo. A capuchan primate from Mexico, Matias was the first non-human to step onto a baseball field and show us all that animals can do more than just taste good and help us determine whether or not a shampoo will cause a rash on our scalps if we wash our hair more than 30 times a day.


2B- Bret Barberie- Bret Barberie was such a baseball purist that he sacrificed millions of dollars and a hall of fame career to level the playing field by retiring at age 29. His move restored balance to the sport.


SS- Alex Arias - hahahahaha :notworthy :notworthy


C- Jorge Fabregas -HAHAHHAHAHHAHAHAHA :notworthy :notworthy :notworthy


Even though the starting lineup consists of finely tuned baseball playing machines, they will occasionally need a rest. It's okay though, because the bench would be so great, because I would have these monsters of pine ready to come in and set the diamond on fire. :thumbup


C- Ron Tingley- Everyone knows about the Mendoza line (.200), but some people forget about the Tingley line (.176) And he's the first catcher I've ever seen get a passed ball because he was swatting a mosquito on his forearm as the pitcher was throwing to home plate. :notworthy


IF- Dave Magadan- Awesome as hell, but as long as Kevin Orie is still part of this team's history, he will have to come in as a substitute when we are leading by 15 or more runs. With this lineup, that means he'd easily play 150-162 games. :notworthy






It's difficult to pick out 5 starters, because pretty much anyone we've ever had has been so awesome. So I would just let Ryan Bowen throw 6 innings of every game, then bring in Vladamir Nunez to close it out. If there was a tough lefty coming up, I would go with Joe Klink or Felix Heredia. I may go ahead and keep Dennis Springer on the roster just in case Ryan Bowen gets diareah during a game and has to come out of it or something. Springer's record of 6-16 in 1999 always looks like a misprint, which is so cool because it's not, and I love being tricked!!! How'd he do that????


That would be quite a team... I think Dunwoody, Reed and Abercrombie should be on there as well. I would also throw in the Secret Weapon.

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(min 1 year service with the Marlins)

C Benito Santiago (Pudge would get my pick, but he left for more ca$h and that pissed me off)

1B D Lee

2B Castillo (I would put Uggla if he had been around a few years b/c he is better offensive)

3B Cabrera

SS Gonzo

OF Andre Dawson (just for star power)

OF Juan Pierre

OF Gary Sheffield



SP Alex Fernandez

SP Al Liter

SP Kevin Brown

SP Livan Hernandez

SP Dontrelle Willis


RP Antonio Alfonseca

RP Rob Nen

RP Pat Rapp (had 2 relief appearences so he qualifies as a reliever!)

RP David Weathers

RP Brandon Looper

CP Bryan Harvey



1B/OF Jeff Conine

1B Kevin Millar

C Charles Johnson

3B Mike Lowell

OF Preston Wilson

SS Kurt Abbott


Utility Men (not counted toward 25 man roster)

UT Damian Easley

UT Mike Mordacai

UT Andy Fox

SS Walt Wiess


"30th Man"

P Josh Beckett



Jack McKeeon


Base coaches

IF Perry Hill

1B Jeff Cox

3B Cookie Rojas

Bench Coach Rene Lachman

Bullpen Pierre Aresnault



GM Admin Bienfest

GM Dave Dombrowski



Jeff Loria



TV: Len Kasper, Tommy Hutton

Radio: Boog Schambi and Dave O'Brien

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Here's my list:


C - Ivan Rodriguez

1B - Derrek Lee/Jeff Conine

2B - Luis Castillo

SS - Edgar Renteria

3B - Mike Lowell

LF - Miguel Cabrera

CF - Juan Pierre

RF - Gary Sheffield


SP - Dontrelle Willis

SP - Kevin Brown

SP - Josh Beckett

SP - Livan Hernandez

SP - Brad Penny


RP - Todd Jones

RP - Armando Benitez

RP - Antonio Alfonseca

RP - Bryan Harvey

RP - Matt Mantei

RP - Ugueth Urbina

CL - Robb Nen




C - Paul LoDuca

OF - Moises Alou

OF - Cliff Floyd

IF - Bobby Bonilla

IF - Alex Gonzalez


Manager: Jack McKeon

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My 25 man roster, min. 1 year to qualify:






Carlos Delgado

Derrek Lee



Luis Castillo

Craig Counsell



Edgar Renteria

Alex Gonzalez



Mike Lowell



Gary Sheffield



Devon White



Miguel Cabrera



Cliff Floyd

Juan Pierre



Kevin Brown

Dontrelle Willis

Al Leiter

Josh Beckett

Alex Fernandez


Spot Starter: Livan Hernandez

CP: Bryan Harvey

RP: Armando Benitez

RP: Todd Jones

RP: Robb Nen

RP: Matt Mantei

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C - Ivan Rodriguez

1B- Carlos Delgado

2B- Luis Castillo

3B- Miguel Cabrera

SS- Edgar Rentaria

LF- Cliff Floyd

CF- Mark Kotsay

RF- Gary Sheffield


SP- Kevin Brown

SP- Brad Penny

SP- Dontrelle Willis

SP- Al Leiter

SP- Alex Fernandez


RP- Bryan Harvey

RP- Rob Nen

RP- Ugeth Urbina

RP- Todd Jones

RP- Trevor Hoffman

RP- Armando Benitez

RP- Dennis Cook


Bench (bench players only)

IF- Alex Arias

1B-OF - Jim Eisenreich

OF- Lenny Harris

IF/OF -Wes Helms

C- Big Red



White>Pierre= Bizarro World


white was definately waaaay better than pierre


No he wasn't, he was ass-tastic. Devon did not get on base enough.

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