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Tonight we saw...

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...why we shouldn't give up on Jason Vargas.


He and James are mirror images as far as "stuff". Neither is fancy, but if the locate where they want to, they can be extremely effective.


If Vargas can regain his control down the road he will be no different than James was tonight for Atlanta. He's still only...what...22? 23?


Its just silly to write a kid off because of one bad stretch. He will eventually find his control and be a good middle-of-the-rotation starter....


now, will it be for us? our current top-5 all have better "stuff", but if Vargas proves himself again I wouldn't be opposed to moving one of our starters for a top-of-the-line young bat. if you can't get such a deal, then you can move vargas for something significant instead.


anyway, just thought i'd post this. watching james tonight reminded me alot of vargas last season. alot of hitters off balance and alot of pop-ups.

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Yeah, I agree. I refuse to believe that what we saw from Vargas last season was a fluke. He has the ability to be effective. He just needs to work on spotting his pitches.... If Jamie Moyer can last this long and still be effective, guys like Chuck James and Jason Vargas can too.

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I'm in the minority who like Vargas.....but unfortunately we have a lot of talented pitchers.



unfortunatley? that's a blessing...


if one of vargas or petit or pinto or anyone comes in next year and "earns" a spot, you could have the luxury of moving a dontrelle or even one of nolasco/johnson/olsen/sanchez for a top bat. milledge? quentin? you could almost pick who you want with the last four. a young, proven, cheap arm is invaluable in the trade market.


if the tigers went to move verlander they could do the same thing. the difference is we have five guys in our rotation similar in status.

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I disagree about Vargas in the pen. I think it's starter or bust for Vargas.


Generally, you want guys that can throw hard or are deceptive in the pen, neither which is Vargas' game. He doesn't seem like much of a setup man and, IMO, will eventually be too good to be a mop-up man once he regains his control.


He will rebound and become an effective starter, i just figured I'd post it now while he is struggling so I can say "i told you so" a couple of years from now. :thumbup :p

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