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Rumor: CF Nook Logan wants out of Motown

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He's a speedy CF with nice range (from what I hear). He hasn't produced that well in the big leagues, but he has shown glimpses of potential. He is a 50 SB guy, and with the huge park at DS, I could see him covering the OF well. I mean, he's still young (26 i think). Worth a shot, but I'm not too high on him.

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I honestly don't get it.


I'm not going to take the position that Amezega or Ross should be our everyday CFer but watching AA go get the ball and then throw bullets to the cut-off guy, not to mention his .270 BA and .344 OBP and smart baserunning says to me, at least for the rest of the season (assuming we don't make some monster trade) there is no reason to bring in someone like Logan who isn't going to be that much better and may in fact be a downgrade.


You want to sign him to a minor league contract and see what he can do next spring, fine. You want to make him a Sept call-up when rosters are expanded, okay with me too.


I have to say I like seeing Amezaga hitting eigth in this lineup. He can be a real table-setter for the top of the lineup. But that's just me.


To me, I would consider seeking an upgrade in right field if anywhere. If you really want to make a run at this thing you have a platoon that works in CF, why not go get someone who can bring something to the plate in right not to mention improved D? I love Hermida and I still think he's going to learn from this year and ultimately be a big league, successful player, but right now, unless he snaps out of it, he's simply not contributing to the level of his teammates.

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I'm sorry, but looking at Logan's career stats....how is he any better than Amezega?


He's not.


Washington could pick him up because they aren't in playoff contention, it's a freebie. As for Philly and Randall Simon, he's been out the bigs since the end of 2004 I believe. If he was acquired today he won't be elgible for post season play.


Perhaps someone could explain to me why we need the the only major league ballplayer ever arrested for assaulting a sausage.

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