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Have we talked about Gagne?


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A source with direct knowledge of negotiations between the Red Sox and free agent Eric Gagne told the Boston Globe's Gordon Edes that there is nothing pending. Gagne is believed to want at least $5 million guaranteed for 2007. Reports have indicated that he's only interested in a one-year deal, as he wants to go back on the market next winter.


Source: Rotoworld.





Yeah, no chance.

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He had an offer from the Yankees to set up, but he wants to close.


Apparently, there was an offer in the $10 million range for him to close. Given the Dotel signing (and the Meche signing) my gut tells me that offer was likely from the Royals, hence his reluctance to sign.


I wouldn't go anywhere near him with a guaranteed one year deal. If he wants guaranteed money, we're talking multiple years, and if it's a one year make good offer, no way in hell I'd guarantee over half of it. All he's going to do is use this deal as a stepping stone, I'd rather the Marlins not get used like that, especially when we've seen closer is hardly our hardest position to fill.

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