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Choo Choo in CF and D-Train??


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Choo Freeman was released by the Rockies. Should we bring him in for a spring training look? Sure, he isn't a super star but he was once a top notch prospect (1st Round Pick) and a hell of an athlete. He plays CF and had a career minor/major league fielding % of .980. He had a couple of big minor league seasons and would be very good defensively.


Sure, he isn't anything special- but I'd give him a chance.


Choo Choo and D-Train on the same team!

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he's a cooler version of Reggie Abercrombie (if that was even possible)

That is so my new sig.


Why would you want a guy from the Rockies that couldn't hit playing half his games at Coors Field?

I'm pretty sure that Coors has been dead the past couple seasons because of the humidifier they keep the balls in. Here are the HR totals for the Rockies as a team the past 4 years.

2003- 198 (6th in MLB)

2004- 202 (9th in MLB)

2005- 150 (19th in MLB)

2006- 157 (26th in MLB)


I'm not saying these numbers have been entirely determined by the adulteration of baseballs there, or that Choo is a good player. I just think it's kind of an unfair statement to say that he couldn't hit in Coors, because nobody could lately.


I think he deserves a shot, why not add some heat to the competition.

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If I recall, we tried to get him once or twice, so if he has anything left...I'm sure Beinfest'll bring him in.


No reason not to. I remember some of the same pessimistic comments last year this time against players such as Uggla, Alfredo, and Ross. If it dosen't cost much, and it won't, then he's a worth a look see.

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What does that have to do with baseball? Explain.

I think he's talking about your ego and absolute certainty that anyone who disagrees with you doesn't simply disagree with you, but is wrong because they are less intelligent. At least it comes off that way.


You disagree with him. Fine. Doesn't make his analysis awful. He didn't say anything ridiculous and his assertion was no more simplistic than yours. Hitting at Coors doesn't instantly add 30 points to anyone's AVG. Especially as of late.

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