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How many Marlins fans on board?


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I am just curious to know how much of a fan base we have here on MB.com so whether you are someone who just reads or some of the usual posters take a vote so we can see how many fans this board has attracted. This might be a first for MB.com I hope! THANKS!


You should post this in every forum then tally up the numbers. Since you are posting it in the marlins section I am sure it will be a 95-100%. Maybe post it in the major league and outfield sections. Just make sure to tell everyone just to vote once.

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Fighting Fish baby.




Hey Qbanj69,


Sales for the first 6 months in the US (with a wii shortage),


Wii (2,470,000)

PS3 (1,271,000)



lets remember that one is $250, while one is $600. Lets also remember that in about two years, nintendo will need to come up with a new system while PS3 will still be blowing everyone away in the graphics department.


I think once ps3 gets their titles out (in the fall) and eventually lowers the price, it will blow everyone out of the water. I am waiting until august to get a ps3, hopefully it drops a little before then.

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Guest marlins02

Marlins fan from the beginning



although that miguel/alfredo dance in the dugout is really disturbing but im still a fan

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