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I dont know if it's already posted but check it out.

Hes bashing Juan Pierre.



Hey, when did Juan Pierre turn into the second coming of Rickey Henderson?



Juan Pierre has scored 11 runs in 13 postseason games.

Seriously. If you believe what you read and hear -- and I won't get specific because I really enjoy my job -- you'd think that Pierre is one of the greatest leadoff men who ever ran the bases. Hell, one of the greatest players.


Well, he's not. He's a pretty good leadoff man, in part because there really aren't many good leadoff men. He probably ranked among the 50 best players in the National League this season. He's certainly better than I thought he'd be, and is one of the few players whose numbers have actually improved after leaving the Rockies.


But folks, let's not make him into something he's not. He's a singles hitter who finished this season with the ninth-best OPS among Marlins with at least 250 plate appearances. In other words, in any given game there was a pretty good chance that only one Marlin in the lineup -- the pitcher -- had a lower OPS than Pierre.


Yes, they had a pretty good lineup. Yes, Pierre did steal 65 bases. And yes, he's one hell of a bunter. But among all the players who might hurt the Yankees, he ranks somewhere near the bottom. I said it last week but it's worth saying again: the team that wins the World Series will be the team that draws more walks and hits more home runs. Those wheels at the top of the Marlins' lineup? They're just background noise.


Idiot, juan pierre sure made a difference in game one with NO homeruns. And isnt is great if theres someone on base when those homeruns are hit? Rob Neyer should go on the list with Dan Le Betard.

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I think he is another guy who wakes up and lives under the shadow of OPS. 11 runs in 13 games: tell me what other player in the postseason has that kind of stat? He is totally wrong, the winner of this series is the team that scores the MOST RUNS in a game - and then proceeds to win 4 games. :D And I am being serious. Right now, we have been outscored 8-4. But we are 1-1. Sounds a lot like that Cubs series - which we won, at least that is what the scoreboard showed. I guess some guys just stay blind...and live in statworld. Too bad he cant grasp these stats - 2-0 in 2003 postseason. 3 wins away from a World Series title - and he is saying he is tired of hearing about Pierre? What an idiot...

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There are many reasons why I'm rooting for the Marlins:

1. They have been my favorite team since 1993.

2. Jeff Conine is my favorite player.

3. As a fan of my hometown Orioles, I hate the Yankees.

4. To stick it to ever single media pundit.

But finally...


5. To stick it to every single baseball mind who discounts defense, speed, and pure heart to win games.



OPS is a great stat. Actually I prefer on-base percentage plus isolated power (a start that Pierre would rank even lower in), because with OPS credit singles and doubles equally. But it does not mean anything in baseball situations. OPS counts the come from behind three-run double as less meaningful than the homerun in a blowout. Baseball is not just numbers. It's about personality in the clubhouse. It's about determination to win. It's about taking your game to the extra level when needed. Maybe by next year someone will be writing a book on the Marlins' style of scouting and on-field play.

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I guess you guys missed Neyer's article in ESPN where he calls Jeffrey Loria a liar and a cheat. Nice huh??? In case you missed it, here's his quote, "The Marlins' owner, Jeffrey Loria, is by most accounts a liar and a cheat...". Or Caple's where he opines "...Jeffery Loria, the man who destroyed baseball in Montreal and salted the earth and then was rewarded with a young, upcoming team? It's enough to make you retch." Gee, those Expos he destroyed sure looked pretty d*mn good the last two years to me.


I suspect the Herald is already gearing up to get back to the business at hand, which is destroying this franchise. We've already had Miller's infamous Loria=MVP, "Most Vile Parasite" line the morning after they won the Wild card on the front page of the sports section for all to see, we've had the Admin Beinfest doesn't deserve the GM of the year award piece yesterday celebrating what great jobs Theo Epstein and the Cub's Hendry have done (with $35+ million more than Beinfest) and today we had the reprint of a New York paper lambasting the franchise. And let's not forget Sunday's Pro/Con piece with Cote and Miller about which (as in singular) Marlins player to keep in 2004 as if the rest of the team will be jettisoned.


As the saying goes, "you ain't seen nuthin' yet".


All this is while the team is battling for the world championship.


Once the Series is over the gloves will come off at the Herald and the real mudslinging will start. You can expect otherwise never before seen poison spewing from their pages once they aren't forced by circumstances to give the Fish even a modicum of fair treatment. From my vantage point I believe the Herald has months of good press to undo and they will start almost immediately to make sure every South Florida sportsfan comes to despise the Marlins organization sooner rather than later.


You can make book on it.

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OPS is a great stat. It is probably one of the best judges of a player's offensive contributions. It is also not the best stat to use for a leadoff man.


If there was a stat like: (TB + TBB + SB + HBP) / (PA + SB attempts) that would work better.


And that stat would still fail to reflect that:


JP moves from 1b to 3b on singles and scores from 1st.

He can manufacture hits against the best pitchers with a bunt.

He puts the ball in play, but doesn't get doubled up making runners advance even on outs.


There are lots of little things in baseball and JP does all of them.


As he gets older he will draw more walks, pushing over .400 OBP and hit more doubles, pushing over .400 SLG.

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