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Proposed Heat-Knicks Mega-Blockbuster


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aren't marbury and randolph both considered cancers for teams. Ever since Marbury left Minnesota I have heard nothing but bad things. Smush was good for the Lakers, why has he fallen off so much, playing time?


Smush was never good and his playing time fell off last year with the Lakers when he was also benched by them at the end of the season. As far as with the Heat, he sucks, hes Smush f***ing Parker and he also gets into fights in parking lots.

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David Lee is supposedly the only untradable Knick.



Why they would send him packing essentially for garbage is beyond me.



Nevermind that this entire trade scenario does nothing to help either team, though I guess it cant really hurt either team too much, considering how much both sucks.



actually if i'm the knicks and I can do that same trade without lee and/or any first round pick, i'd do that trade in a heartbeat.



Miami would be dumber than a bunch of bricks to do that trade under any circumstance. Well unless Heat fans just love to continue losing.

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