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Hanley's power...

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wouldn't this mean he cuts through the ball... ? :blink:


Hanley swings Thor's hammer... the Mjolnir (I think that's what it's called)



Not if it's specially made to not cut through the ball.


That, or he uses his superpowers to keep the ball together.


Ahh, you're right, I underestimated the powers of Hanley :notworthy :notworthy :notworthy

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I have to agree with this...


These 2 homeruns hit today, when hanley hit them i was like no way thats a homerun. They weren't even hit on the nose.


He just made it look so easy.


You're exactly right there...I just watched the highlights again and the contact that he gets isn't that great, but the POWA sent them out of the ballpark.


Hell of a game from the Hanley Man.

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I agree 100% about Hanleys power creaping up on you. The first bomb at first I was thinking this might get over Lastings head, then this might be a triple in the triangle, then it just caries over the fence. Same thing with the second one. In high school ball at Wellington Roberto Kelly was telling us about how every great power hitter can hit with upspin on the ball. Its actually A technique in the swing that creates upspin and the ball carries. Hanley just naterally has that in his swing.

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After he hit that second homerun, the main thought that kept running through my head was - legend. Hanley is going to be one of those players fans talk about for generations to come.


I usually don't like to get involved with this sort of hyperbole, but yeah. He's gonna be one of the 5 best from this generation.

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