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5/9/2008 Marlins at Nationals 7:30pm est,

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1. Cody Ross-CF

2. Jeremy Hermida-RF

3. Hanley Ramirez-SS

4. Jorge Cantu-3B

5. Dan Uggla-2B

6. Luis Gonzalez-LF

7. Wes Helms-1B

8. Matt Treanor-C

9. Ricky Nolasco-P



1. Felipe Lopez-2B

2. Cristian Guzman-SS

3. Ryan Zimmerman-3B

4. Nick Johnson-1B

5. Lastings Milledge-CF

6. Austin Kearns-RF

7. Wily Mo Pena-LF

8. Wil Nieves-C

9. Tim Redding-P



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Watching the Nats pre-game show on MASN network. Ray Knight talking about how much he likes the young players that the Marlins have on the team.

I pity you for having to listen to them.


I'll gladly trade the Nats to Miami and bring the Fish up here... :D

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"The only guy who really hasn't gotten any quality playing time is Robert Andino", Fredi explains why he's playing Cody back to back here and why it is so vital to keep your bench in the game and playing regularly.


I don't know about anyone else but at this point I'm really curious what Brett Carroll did to be this deep in Fredi's doghouse. Fredi did after all say publicly he was giving him a start in the Milwaukee series and that never happened.


If we had one decent reporter in this town we'd know what the back story is. I bet it's a real beauty. :D

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