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As a child...


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Im 14 now and i honestly think im getting dumber but its ok.


I never got Staright A's Until the Last Quater of 5th Grade

In middle School I Got my 1st C in 6th and First D in 7th ( Both In Language Arts)


Now somehow in Highschool Im in Honors Classes balencing Out HW, Baseball, Friends and Personal Time(videogames and sleep)


Currently i have

Algerbra 1 Honors A 94%

Biology 1 Honors A- 90%

Marketing Essentials C+ 77%

Team Sports B+ 88 %


I was never a Nerd because I was Just Way to lazy and Probabaly Still Am

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lol Growing up as a child I changed from year to year, until I hit high school. In 8th grade I was a percussionist in the school band. In 9th grade I was "too cool to be seen carrying my snare to school" so I stopped taking it and just sat at the back of band class and showed all the rookies how to play. Then once I hit high school I got my car and started working on it (which was then in 5 issues of lowrider magazine) so I was looked up to by many. lol Now I'm a dweeb.

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I used to spend my weekends in 9th and 10th grade at my friend's house playing diablo 2 or starcraft all night. it would be about 3 or 4 of us. we would bring our computer's over and wouldnt stop playing until the sun came up. I'm pretty sure that qualifies me as a geek.

Nah, I used to do Halo lan parties over at a friends house on a couple TVs with a bunch of people who weren't geeks...Well, maybe the games in question make you a geek though.

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