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Marlins at Padres 7/30/10

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Marlins look to get on a winning streak


Marlins send out Chris 'Tall' Volstad 4-8 4.76 ERA


Padres send out Wade 'my first name is awesome' LeBlanc. 5-8 3.35 ERA Is he related to Joey from Friends? Same last name...


Marlins line up is this:



LOMO in SloMo. :lol



The Second Coming of MLB


Uncle Wes




Padres sends out some line up but whatever, I don't care about their line up.

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Tejada batting cleanup and playing SS in his Padres debut.


He's not having a fantastic year but considering who he replaced, he makes that lineup so much better.



I'm not even sure if Tejada is an upgrade over Cabrera anymore, really.

With that said, I hope he doesn't kill us this series.

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BTW, since when did that guy who played Joey in "Friends" become a Major League pitcher?



Recently...very recently..his fastball is so amazing it has a special phrase for it. They call it the "How yew doin'" pitch [and hopefully that'd make anyone who's actually watched friends chuckle...to the rest, I appologize for a wasted post]

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