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Philly trash talk


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My buddy in Philly just emailed me this article.


Stinks to be you, Florida Marlins!


Take Credit for your comment in the article


fishfan46, 02-01-11 1:47 pm | Rate: Flag 0 Flag | Flag Report

Today in Miami it is 75 degrees and sunny, while in Philly it is 34 degrees with freezing rain. In the past 15 years we have won more World Series than you. Tell me again why it stinks to be us?

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Heh, I used to party with a bunch of people from East Pennsylvania all the time when I lived in New Jersey, so I don't have much against the people who live there, but this article sounds like the people on the Internet who have to post 20 times about "I REALLY don't care about this or you, but...." If we're really so worthless and not worth mentioning, then don't mention us.

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Now that we are all fired up with philly hate, a while back I emailed this guy Phuck Philly because I liked his shirt but didn't want it in red (the last thing we need is more red in the stands when the phils come to town) I wanted to know if he would make a black and teal one, he said they could special make one, but would have to have an order of 15 or more. Would anyone else be interested in one? If so maybe I can email him back and he can put together an order.

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