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Fantasy Baseball?


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Anyone up for it this year?


I hear that it wasn't too active last year and I'm hoping to avoid that. So if some are you guys are really serious about it, maybe we can start one for this season.


1) Gizmo

2) Admin


4) Schnellders

5) Dr. Beinfest

6) Iowa

7) Hotcorner

8) Erick

9) h2r09

10) BosnianBaller


This is the list so far. Not sure if Pengunio is in, but I'll leave a spot open. I figured I'll get this created by the end of this week, so try and let me know if you are in by then!

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I'm up for this, if you all promise to be active. I was in el_penguino's league last year, as well as the keeper league, and they both got pretty boring with only a handful of people being active by the end of the year.


I didn't even draft for el_penguino's league, but since no one was paying attention, I won a bunch of categories every week by acquiring all the elite middle relievers off of waivers/free agency. I think I only had like a starting pitcher or two by the end of the year.

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