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Marlins @ Giants 3:45PM EST.

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Things..may get interesting due to Cousins/Posey at the plate this morning.


Marlins (28-19) send out Anibal 'Animal' Sanchez 3-1 3.02 ERA




Giants (27-21) send out Ryan 'Gimmie a what what' Vogelsong 3-0 1.93 ERA


Will Marlins win? Will someone get HBP? Will a fight break out? Yes, Probably, and Highly liking with a chance of Gaby clothesline.


Whoops..messed up the title. Someone add the date...please.

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i feel like the Giants will plunk someone, probably a little harmless one on the hip or something to feel better about themselves, and the Marlins will let that be the end of it.




If the Marlins plunk them back, or if the Giants do it twice, there's a brawl.

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