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  1. I'd definitely let Ozzie manage another year. I can't imagine anyone would've done a better job with the situation we've been the whole season. Underachievers (Hanley, Gaby, Buck, etc, etc), Injuries (Giancarlo, LoMo, etc) and even worse Bell
  2. It's weird how we still stick to a hitting coach who hasn't helped any hitter get better. Insane to expect different results with the same instructor. By the way, we have- at least 3 come to my mind right off the bat- some good hitting former Marlins that were very good hitters in their careers and live in South Florida: Mike Lowell, Pudge, Conine. Thoughts?
  3. Zaslow in the morning, 790 the Ticket, has continuously repeated it's not a fire sale and he's liked the trades we've made
  4. I was reading this article (http://espn.go.com/blog/sweetspot/post/_/id/19137/may-be-time-to-trade-felix-hernandez) and thought Gaby to the Mariners, along with other players, would make sense for the M's if they didn't sign Fielder. Now that the organization is willing to spend on starting pitchers we could probably reel in King Felix and maybe give him an extension... Thoughts?
  5. From the history standpoint: I witnessed Halladay perfect gem
  6. Livan Hernandez's 15 strikeout game vs Atlanta in game #5 of 1997 NLDS
  7. His I-don't-care body language reminds me of Hermida
  8. I'd bet either Hanley or Gaby will get HBP some time today
  9. They just need to play the way they are supposed to. I am not talking about carrer years, just meet their projections and we will be in the hunt come late September. Comparing with the 2010 Marlins, this version has got better defense, better starters and deeper bullpen. To replace offensive production lost with the Uggla departure, Stanton will play a full season, so will LoMo and Chris Coghlan. Plus, the Buck addition. If Gaby can duplicate his numbers and we stay healthy, we are going to be very good. No question about it
  10. 1.Coghlan 2. Infante 3. Hanley 4. Gaby 5. Stanton 6. LoMo 7. Buck 8. 3B 9. Pitcher
  11. I meant Gaby, Nolasco and Nuñez as core players in a possible trade. I know it'll take more than those three to reel in Justin Upton. Mike Stanton is untouchable.
  12. I wouldn't do that trade. We can't trade Gaby + for the sake of having a lefthanded leadoff proven CF like Ellsbury. Coghlan can play CF, LoMo LF and Gaby 1B. I woludn't afford losing his production at the plate to land Ellsbury. I would eyes closed trade Gaby and Nolasco and Nuñez to get Justin Upton, though
  13. Rangers and Blue Jays left-handed pitchers seem very attractive and possible trade to me
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