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5/11 Post Game


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I can't take anymore of these type of wins, my poor heart can't take this crap. Can we have an easy win game?



Ha, seriously. I want a nice 5-0 win.


I know, right?


I'd just like to take a nice big lead, sit back and listen to Rich and Tommy talk nonsense for hours because they're bored. Good times.

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Wow mets are going crazy over this 1 francisco mess up imagine if they went through what we did with bell lol


Link? (sorry, hard to navigate with phone).


Mets tears fuel my day.




Read the threads lol and also see their reaction in the gamethread it's f***ing hilarious


and lol at the thread "francsusko" they are throwing him under the bus as fast as possible.

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And Bell looks like he is slowly getting his sh*t together



You'd hope so and he's not the only one. There's too much history with some of these players for them to suddenly forget how to do their jobs. Once it all starts to click.... it will be orgasmic.


It's important for us to keep winning and stay in touch while JJ, Bell, Reyes, Hanley, Gaby etc. work it out.

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