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7/24 post f***ery

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Beinfest mentioned that Turner's only in AAA for a short while, then he'll be in the rotation. Thought they may as well leave him in AAA and make sure he isn't rushed but whatever.


Brantley may be catching here before the season's over with also. At least we'll get an early look at them.



...oh wait there was a game tonight?

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I have an idea.


For every player who swings at the first pitch and makes an out [unless it's productive or a robbed home run / extra base hit], Stanton holds a paddle. When they return to the dugout, they must bend over, and Stanton will proceed to ass-paddle. One smack for first time, two smacks for second, and so forth during the game. I think it'll help a lot.

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and actually... I really have nothing to say... it's like nothing needs to be said for once.


I'm so deep in my Marlins depression.so.deep.


Take a daily dose of 3 of this face.

:| :| :|

I agree thank you Dr. Mike :| so much better!

Every 6 hours [6, 12, 6, 12]. If unable to do first 6 or first 12, take 6 when you wake up and continue taking 3 at second 6 and 12.

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