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At least we aren't the Astros


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We used to be the Astros. My guess is we will be again when we trade away Nolasco.


Yea, I think someone copied and pasted an article about us in '06 and just replaced "Marlins" with "Astros". I remember reading that year all about how many different players made more than our entire team combined.

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I wish the Marlins had a $19 million payroll this year. It's as high as it is mostly because of Ricky Nolasco still being on the team.


My guess is the only reason he's on the team is because A) no one would trade for him or B) Loria saving some face in the payroll dept.

Probably the former, it certainly sounded like they shopped him for a month or two before things quieted down. I just don't think anyone wanted to take on that salary.

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The best part of the Marlins not being the Astros is the Marlins don't have Bo Porter as a manager


Agreed, but in Bo's defense, everything he's said and done so far makes him look right for that job. Granted, small sample size and he hasn't even managed a game yet.


Rab, as both an Astros fan and also a Marlins fan knowing Bo's days coaching here, ur thoughts on him managing the Stros?

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