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Some Impressive Personnel News

Mickey Mantis

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This comes according to MLBTR. Pretty impressive if you ask me:

Miami has not only lured "superscout" Jeff McAvoy away from the Rays, but sources tell Jeff Passan of Yahoo! Sports that the club will add Mike Berger from the Diamondbacks in a vice president role (Twitterlinks.) This makes for a quiet but outstanding off-season, opines Passan, who notes that the organization could look quite different if owner Jeffrey Loria gives new GM Dan Jennings more authority than was afforded predecessor Admin Beinfest.



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Why are the Marlins looking at Sizemore when in that same article the Nats are trying to trade Espinosa?

I know Espinosa has shown to strikeout a lot but Sizemore also strikeouts just as much, the difference is that Espinosa is a 20-20 player and Sizemore has no where near those type of stats

BTW Espinosa is younger than Sizemore


Ill tell you why...

Espinosa has a guaranteed contract

Sizemore would be signed to a minor league contract

I may be wrong but I don't think so

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Luring respected front office people is a start, but it will take years for these guys to replenish through the draft. I have serious doubts that they will be able to add legitimate players through FA - who would sign here that has a chance to sign elsewhere when they know the history of this ownership group shipping out anyone making above the minimum on short notice?

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All good as long as Loria gives them the freedom to do their job. Maybe this is a sign he realizes he's not very good at evaluating talent and making baseball moves.


Maybe, juuuust maybe Loria will also be a little more trustworthy of Jennings over Beinfest because isn't Jennings considered "a Loria guy"?


Loria guy translates to Loria puppet. Too much history of him NOT letting guys do their job to have me believe it will be any different.

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