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Garrett Jones is Starting in Right Field Today.


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I don't mind it. With Stanton out, he's trying to figure out a way to score some runs and this is probably the best way to do it against RHP.



Agreed 100%. Best bats in the lineup with Jones in RF, Bour at 1B. And it's not like Jones hasn't played the OF a bunch in his career, he can't hurt us much in Citizens Bank Park... Now, at Marlins Park, different story.



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Jones is an outfielder. Yelich and Ozuna are not out of position in CF and RF, they may not have played there much this season , it doesn't mean that would be out of position, if they filled in there. In fact Ozuna is more of a natural RF, and Yelich can cover a hell lot of ground in CF.



Considering that Yelich and Ozuna are now playing LF and CF, have been all season, and will be for years to come (barring unforseen circumstances), they would be out of position if you shift them right. Not to mention they are two of the best defensive LF and CFers in baseball this season, why mess with a good thing? Consider all that, and consider that Jones has played 277 games as a RFer and all of 21 in LF... You get the configuration that Red correctly went with last night. One of the minor reasons Jones was signed here is the fact that he can step into RF if GCMS suffered another DL stint this year, if you recall.



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