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Hotcorner's proposal story...


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She said yes. :thumbup


Funny story though...


The Panthers game was Saturday, but as late as Friday I still was under the impression they weren't going to do much at the game. So rather than leave it up to chance, or risk having it go wrong... I decided to do it Friday night.


We'd gone to a Chris Rock concert at Miami Beach, then afterwards went to a nice restaurant over at Lincoln Road Mall (gorgeous night, christmas lights all around, etc) & I popped the question there. It was a nice quiet private moment.


Soooo.... then we went to the Panthers game Saturday & wound up doing it again! Turns out they had us sitting in this big red loveseat right behind the goal instead of in the bleachers, & they put the cameras & spotlight on us during a break in the 2nd period & I knelt down & popped the question again! Fans gave us a big cheer & they played "Goin to the Chapel" over the speakers.


So I wound up doing it twice. :hat

She couldn't have been more excited though, it all went perfectly.


Thanks everyone for your input & good wishes!

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Guest marlins02

my dad would say your an idiot/dumbass :D



you have to read my posts on the "lcyberlina making posts" thread to know what im saying :p


seriously though, congratulations again

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