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Trevor Williams traded to Bucs


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Trevor Williams was far closer to major league ready than Richard Mitchell is. Williams had already pitched a few starts in AAA and put up a really good ERA in short time there. Williams' career trajectory reminded me of Adam Conley's. Probably nothing more than a #5 starter down the line, but he's only 23 and would've been in contention with a few other people down the line for a rotation spot.


Richard Mitchell is 20 years old and hasn't pitched above the Gulf Coast League. He's generally had as many walks allowed as strikeouts and has a career 65 walks/75 strikeouts. I haven't seen him pitch and his career sample size is small, but we basically traded away another potential #5 pitcher who, with a good start next season, could've seen some starts by June, for a guy who is at best three and a half years away from the majors and hasn't shown any signs of brilliance in the low level he's pitched in.


This trade looks awful. Anybody who looks at Williams stats should know the whole picture with him. He had an awful month of May with a 6.23 ERA, but every other month he posted...


May: 6.23 ERA. 30 1/3 IP


April/June-August: 3.22 ERA.  86 2/3 IP



He also pitched 14 innings and had a 2.57 ERA in New Orleans.


This makes no sense. We traded for a worse player much further away from being major league ready.



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Even if it isn't a "big picture" trade, it definitely still deserves criticism. I follow the minors pretty closely and had Williams in that tier with Conley/Urena/Flores/Nicolino/etc... who could compete for a lower end rotation spot within the next year. This trade just took one of those guys away and left us with what appears to be a worse pitcher at a far lower level in the minors.



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Trevor Williams will be nothing more than a middle reliever in the big leagues if/when he makes it. The guy they got could end up more useful or he could end up being like Trevor Williams.


why the fuck are you stealing my scouting report?


(and i said he could be a backend starter or probably a reliever)



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There isn't one player in the minor league system who I really think will be anything decent, so I'm totally fine with this move.


I agree with this.


The only player in the minor leagues that I find sort of intriguing still is Kolek, and it's quite possible that even he will not live up to expectations. Everything else in the system kinda sucks.



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