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Star Wars: The Force Awakens

Bret Hart

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Guest Vince0926
Hey Guys, Today I watched New Star Wars Movie, The Force Awakens.


What do you think about this one? I think JJ did his job very well over George Lucas.


I hope darth vader wins. I will see it in February when crowds die down though I'm not really knowledgeable about it



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WOW. I didn't know that. Actually, "Star Wars" saga wasn't very popular in South Korea for various reasons. So it wasn't hard to watch this. (As you know, this saga contained Japanese culture and words like that.) But I love it. Because I'm a SF movie mania. lol.


My point is 8 of 10. Lucas' 4-5-6 was greatest epic, no doubt about it, but he ruined and massed up 1-2-3 except only the birth of DV. Despite concerning, I think JJ's new film showed great harmony both old ones and new characters.


Bottom line is this movie has a good value of watching in a theater. (Sorry I cannot explain detailed, cause of spoiler.) 



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I'm guessing it was a typical JJ Abrams movie (and I love JJ Abrams. Cloverfield defined a genre imo and Super 8 has become underrated over time. Plus Lost is my favorite show ever). Basically, I'm saying there was a ton of action, letting you see the plot instead of saying it, some very complicated and introspective characters, some dry-ish but funny humor thrown in, and a cliffhanger at the end that leaves you wanting more (and sometimes annoyed that he does it nearly every friggin time). That being said I'm assuming its a fun movie but probably a little thin from time to time in the plot.



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