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The pen per Scoop


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The problem really with this pen isn't so much Breslow and McGowan, it's that no one really replaces Capps so there's a huge gap between the closer and everyone else. We basically have no eighth inning guy. It's the closer plus a pack of middle relievers. If we're in contention in July mark it down now that we're gunning for a true setup guy at the deadline.



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I'd like Wittgren in the 'pen but I'll say that every year until they're actually forced to do it and he proves the front office that he's good enough to be a 7th/8th inning regular.


I'm still surprised Barraclough didn't earn himself an automatic bullpen spot. Literally went 11 straight appearances without giving up a run last season. Even with a suspect end he still finished last season with a 2.59 ERA. I have to imagine he's more trustworthy (and higher potential) than Dustin McGowan and his near 7 ERA last year. Breslow also hasn't been good since 2013 so it doesn't seem to be a good choice. Cody Ege was absolutely dominant at every level he pitched last season and is a much needed lefty out of the pen.


It seems obvious that Mattingly is an old school mind that is trusting the older, more experienced relievers over the young guys, even if it very easily could be to the detriment of the team.



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ERA isnt everything, especially with a reliever.


His WHIP was elevated in Sept/Oct last year.  He was walking way too many this spring.  ya its not overly shocking he was sent down.  Let him figure it out in AAA and come up when McGowan sucks (assuming Kyle figures it out that is)



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